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VAC Mental Health Application Status change


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Has anyone ever seen or have this weird unexpected application status change happen to any of their VAC claims or more specifically a mental health claim? A relative of mine's OSI mental health claim went to Step 3 Decision Making level step 3.2 Decision Making in Progress today and in 3 hours later his application status is changed to On Hold. Anyone had this happen before or know what might be the reason?

Thank you.
VAC recently went from denying claims to putting the application on hold. It means they don't have enough grounds to support a favourable decision.

Your relative 'should' get a letter explaining why the application was put on hold. If your relative speaks with a clinician and corrects the issue e.g gets a diagnosis on their medical file and it's attributable to military service, they can call the 1-800 VAC number (or use the message system) and tell VAC that there is a new diagnosis on their medical records. VAC will then request the updated medical file and go through steps 1 through 3 again.

Process can take 4-5 months for a reassessment.