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How many vaccines or shots do you receive once you get to basic training? I have a phobia of needles and I’m trying to prepare myself.
I'm a needle phob also.....need to lie down even after a blood test.

But just explain, as you certainly won't be the first.
If you've had none, a lot. Let them know, and the medtechs will take care of you.
Depends on a number of factors. Here are some common ones as I understand them:
Reservist - None
Reg Force - As per the current recommendations at the time (not sure there are any if your not deploying)
Deploying Reg or Reserve - Depends on where you are deploying to

I can't speak for the Reg force, but you don't get any shots as a Reservist going on Basic. I've deployed three times and my needle book says I've received 29 shots from the CAF.
Get your doctor to print off all your vaccines to date and sign/date it or your provincial immunization record(s) - if they're up to date, won't get as many as you think...otherwise you're arm's will be kinda sore at inopportune times...