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Vehicle Technician ( merged )



I am just about to start MOC training as a vehicle tech in my local armoured reserve. I am wondering what to expect in this occupation, and if i am going to be included in field operations. I am also wondering if there is a need for Vech Techs in operations oversea‘s.
Any replies would be appreciated.
I‘m in a SVC BN right now, so I can tell you what out VEH TECH‘s do, which would be sort of similar to Armour

VEH TECH‘s go out in the field with us, because if one of your vehicle‘s cr*ps out, their be there to fix it, an this would apply to over sea‘s duty aswell

anyways, just hang around for a better response, from one of the Armour guys, their have better info then me
God Bless You!!!!! You will become one of the most loved people in the sqn. A good veh tech will be extremely busy in an armd sqn. Our vehicles are always going down at the worst times. Having our own veh tech would make things a lot easier.
I‘ll second that! An Armoured Sqdn (Heavy or Recce) runs alot smoother with a V-Tech truckn‘ along with us. CAC two years ago, we had a pair of them, route Recce from Pet to Meaford. Not one breakdown the entire week until the very last day. I doubt we could have done that trace without them. A V-tech to the Armd Unit‘s is like gold!
veh tec is a godsend to all armor units! you will always be busy and expect praise from all armor guys cause without you we dont get to have our fun
Hey guys. I am somewhat considering joining up to be a vehicle tech. Currently I am an auto tech but I have been looking to enter the heavy duty field (offroad equipment). Couple of questions you may be able to help with:
Where would I likely end up working while being trained?
I do not want to work on light duty vehicles, is it seperated or will I end up doing lube jobs and water pumps on cars? If so I may as well stay civilian.
I am 22 but already am a fairly competent mechanic (about 6 years experience).
One of the main reasons I want to join is I feel our country will be needing its military over the next few years. I want to be trained well enough to do my part. I shouldnt have any trouble with basic training (other than a grumpy knee I am healthy). Oh ya, Im also a major car nut. I go insane if I cant get my speed fix. Am I going to be without my car (and good roads to drive on) for months at a time? Seems trivial but it is my main form of entertainment :D .
Thanks for ANY input.
You guys CAN see thispost right? :D Sorry, just find it hard to believe no one has any insight for me. I am trying to sort some things out right now. I guess I will start training (not going to hurt anyhow) and set up an interview.
Thanks for any help.

Not a veh tech, but worked with them...on heavy, off road vehicles.

Not sure, so don‘t quote me, but it‘s been my experience that you‘ll go where the Service wants you to go...and once there, you‘ll earn your way into interesting jobs.

No idea what basic is like, but I‘d imagine you can kiss life goodbye until it‘s over!

Vehicle techs are employed at almost all bases in Canada including naval and airforce bases. They can expect to work on a variety of equipment depending on their posting. If posted to an airforce base, for example, they may find themselves working on civilian pattern cars and trucks. If posted strictly to an armoured unit, first line, they would be working on armoured vehicles such as Cougar, Grizzly, Leopard tanks, etc. I‘m not sure if some of these vehicles require a career course, Leopard tank for example, since as a Weapons Tech this is a separate course and only given to those, normally, posted to an armoured unit.
So, you would be working on whatever vehicles happened to be around at your posting.
Just a bit of praise to the crewman out there from what I have been told the Armored Corps Crews have the greatest Touble Shooting and Knowledge of the interworkings of there vechs than any other trade. Which should make your life abit easier. LOL
Here I am stuck in Borden,On just awaiting my moc and sq training, I'm on the step program for my moc and just wondering if there is any work avail in Nova Scotia for V-Techs. I have a family and house in Dartmouth and wondering about shearwater or willow park for maintenance sections. If there's anyone who can pass some information my way it would be muchly apprieciated.
There's work for veh techshere in greenwood, not that far from Darthmouth.
There are Vech Techs at Base Transport in Halifax. If you are a home owner already in the Halifax area, I'd probably bring that to the attention of your Career Manager through your Chain of Command.
Brin11 works with the Veh Techs at the 33SVC she may know something of value to you.
hey guys..i want to be a vehicle technician in the military..i just need to know how i get about to doing this and what are some of teh stuff tehy do other than fix vehicles.. could u please spread the light on this topic for me.. thanks
i am also going to be applying to be a Vehicle tech in the regs. i do know that you are deployed allot and that you will be working on motors from small snowblowers to 40 ton tanks. (so i have been told)
I'm merit listed in the reg. force to be a 411 vehicle tech too.  I too have heard that they work on everything from little stroke engines to giant diesels.  I saw not too long ago someone just joined the board as a Vehicle Tech in the reg force.  Any more info on this topic would be nice.

Lists all the courses an general duties of a veh tech
Hello mates, I am planning to change my trade to Vehicle Tech. later on, but I have a couple of questions on my mind:

1. Do civilian mechanic shops recognize the training given to Vehcile Techs?
2. Is MCpl basically the highest rank a Vehicle Tech can get?

thanx for your time
Delta said:
Hello mates, I am planning to change my trade to Vehicle Tech. later on, but I have a couple of questions on my mind:

1. Do civilian mechanic shops recognize the training given to Vehcile Techs?
2. Is MCpl basically the highest rank a Vehicle Tech can get?

thanx for your time
I can't answer the first one.  The second question, no.  We have a CWO who is a vehicle tech.