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what if question, need some direction


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let's say you wake up tomorrow and are told you may  have a deadly disease. everyone who knows you tells you must fight it to the  end because you are a dad,  because you are young and have full life a head of you.

just a lot of tests to confirm or rule out the disease.

first thing you do is  write your obit, make sure the facts are right. the important stuff is there.

in the back of your head you are not sure you have the personal gut check to fight it? do you fight it till you drop , or do you take the time you have left to be a better dad, spend time with your family when you still have the internal strength to do the fun stuff of life.

never been the fighting type, just never wanted to be last place.

asking for a friend, who has no close friends.

do not be sad for my friend, nothing confirmed yet, just getting more tests to rule things out but the testing can confirm the topic that is being avoided

thanks in advance