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What if you want to change your unit now?


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I was wondering, what happens if your file is being processed (OW! the wait) and now you decide that you changed your mind and that you want to join another reserve unit.

I am joining the Queen's York Rangers and some part of my is thinking about changing my mind about joining QYR and wants to join another reserve unit.

I was wondering, if I tell CFRC Toronto that i changed my mind, will it make the wait even longer?

Will I have to start the WHOLE process again?
well maybe considering reading your comments on another thread you should reconsider the whole process. PT is a major factor in the CF even in the reserves because they have only training nights and weekends they do not have time for PT so fitness is your responsibility and you are expected to maintain a high level of fitness anyway the army is not for everyone think about it

if you change your unit I suspect they will redo the entire application process making you wait even longer.. I dont know I am not a res Im a reg force.. But I can only see it taking you even longer to get your unit.. The entire No PT thing.. that has to seriously be a joke.. I mean.. really? I would hate to think that not only do the reservists get the Gear first... but that they dont have to do PT? that would be silly.. Infact I'd think reservists would do MORE PT. since its not an everyday thing.. though Im sure many Res folks work out.. Probably more than I do on their free time.. I dont really want to start a flame war.. Just a thought

anyway I really dont know how the res force works.. Except that they mostly are the ones who teach me my courses...
but anyway.
I don't think we will see that troll anymore, so don't worry about him.