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Yet Another Upgrade...

Mike Bobbitt

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It's impossible not to notice that things have changed around here. Please note that it's still very much a work in progress, but I'm interested in hearing your feedback, whether it's to report a problem or simply give an opinion about the changes.

Please bear with me, it will come together over time!

Call me crazy ("You're crazy, Technoviking!), but I like the new look.

I love these colors....sooooo easy on the eyes....

one thing I did notice...when I was posting into the sandbox thread, I generally highlight the heading with yellow.....the drop down box worked, but did not apply the color to the  highlighted words....I had to do it manually.....that's work!!  ;D
I like the new look, but I have lost the milnet.ca colours. I have just all white and it is kind of hard on the eyes. Anyway for me to get back to the grey?

Other then that, everything looks great
i like the new look. Good job boys! :salute: EDIT: is there no milpoints anymore ???
I want the old army.ca colours back.

This is way too bright on the eyes.  Noticed the drop downs, maybe they were there before, but I like.


My heart weeps.  This is not the dark and ominous green I have grown to love.
It's a heck of a change... and it may slowly (d)evolve closer to what it was but the old dark colours of yesterday are gone. MilPoints will be back before you know it. :)
Easier to read in low light conditions i.e. 0500 retired early risers like ERC and me.

For some, if it appears too bright, every screen, either laptop or stand alone, has the capability to make personal adjustment to brightness/contrast, etc.
Since you are in there tinkering anyway......any way of shortening the drop down list when you hover over forums link(my resolution is 1024 x 768)...I can never see the last two items......the last item I can see is Foreign Militaries....
I prefer the old style, since it was original, this just looks like many other forums out there.  I also liked the fallen comrades that was on the left side.
GAP, if you keep your mouse over the newly opened menu, you can use the mouse wheel or the down arrow to scroll further down.

Probably does need a clean-up though...
It is most definitely easier to read, but that's not worth giving up the famous and distinctive green screen as far as I am concerned.
Mike Bobbitt said:
GAP, if you keep your mouse over the newly opened menu, you can use the mouse wheel or the down arrow to scroll further down.

Probably does need a clean-up though...

At work, I don't have a wheeled mouse.....it's too radical....
I don't mind the colour so much but some of the names listed at "Who's Online" are really hard to see.

The lighter green on the sides might be better than the white.
Much easier to read, but a tad generic looking.  I'll give it 45, Dick, good beat but you can't dance to it.
A bit bright with the white background, but I do like the contrast colouring very much. 

However, I just noticed (I'm on the air-force forums) that when you have a quote in a message (as GAP as done a couple posts above), there is not very much contrast between the background colour of the quote square and the print, it is very difficult to read.
Just looks like someone spilled a jug of bleach over the old lovable familiar site and washed everything out............Will this work on my jeans?

Take your time with the Milpoints.  They aren't that important.

I may be able to go green and not turn on any lights tonight.    ;D