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Zero Pilots Being Hired in 2009?

The pilot trade is closed right now for DEO (and I think for other routes as well). I was told there will be very few spots available (if any) in the coming fiscal year. I'm from Montreal, and I am applying in Ottawa because they will accept my application, and they set up an interview, etc... for me. Montreal on the other hand will not even accept my application (if pilot is my only choice). Each recruiting center has their own way of handling business I guess.
Do you guys know if my invitation to ASC in Trenton is a sure thing considering I pass my int/apt test, etc..? Or do I need to score very well of all the phases to then get invited to ASC?

In a nutshell, you need to be more competitive than the others. If there are only 5 spots and you get a score of 70 while thirty or more have scores of 80+...guess what?

I've been through this myself. Basically, you applied a year ago and your file is no longer current. Your meds etc. have to be current so that they can send you to Aircrew should things open up. Jump through the hoops and hope for the best! Good luck.
That is some very bizarre stuff.  You get on the highway for 2 hours, and the recruiting center in Ottawa accepts your application whereas in Montreal they won’t even touch it with a 10 foot pole? Same military, same courses, same occupation, same uniform.  I don’t know how you found out about  Ottawa CFRC taking the applications, but good for you.  So they were ok with someone from outside their region applying in their office?

Good luck…
Srhodes, that is the honest to god truth. Approximately 4-5 months ago, I walked into the Montreal recruiting center ready to apply for DEO pilot, I sat down with the recruiter, and he told me he will not accept the application if pilot is my only choice. I called Ottawa that very same day, and they told me they had no problem with accepting my application, and simply holding it until something came up. Fortunately enough for me something did come up, and I got a call back about a week and a half later and had a date set up for my initial testing. To answer your question, they had no problem with me applying there regardless of the fact that I live in the West Island of Montreal. He simply told me that my gas won't be covered by the CF. O well, that's probably the least of my worries at this moment.
Good Stuff Snyper.  Keep us posted with how things are progressing.  :salute: :cdn:
Pilot's (2Lts) are usually attach-posted back home while awaiting training and quite a few go back to the CFRC where they enrolled out of. They're being gainfully employed, have dedicated time for their study pkgs and flight-time. Once and a while a course msg will come on and they'll be on their way, either for good or just temporary. Either or it beats living life in Boredom.

Judging from the conversations here, I think the CFRCs aren't discriminating, however they would like to dedicate their resources and materials to applicants who have positions available to them, thus allowing them to fill their SIP. IMO this is done as more of a courtesy to the applicant who may want to be a pilot, but rather just be in the Forces altogether. There's so many other Officer positions that provide excellent and exciting opportunities out there.

For those with their heart's set on Pilot, wait it out but be warned you may wait eons. I will not advocate joining the CF with some bogus trade you don't want to give your all in hopes you'll get a OT one day, don't rely on this. Join with the trade in mind you'd be happy doing for the rest of your life. Every April is the start of a new FY and well that's when the SIP comes out from CFRG.

Hey guys, just a quick update on the pilot trade and my situation (I'm a DEO pilot candidate). I got back not too long ago (from CFRC Ottawa) to do my interview/medical/physical/apt. test. Passed for officer on the apt. test, medical and physical went well. The interview went very well in my opinion and I was told I was competitive. I was told I'd be getting a date for my aircrew selection, most likely mid-January, I just need to do another eye test in Ottawa which will take about 15 minutes (not looking forward to the drive from Montreal). After that's done I should be good to go. This was a great day for me, a big step in the process is now behind me.  :salute:
I applied at the end of October for DEO pilot and was told the same as all of you regarding the lack or openings. I have heard from my references that they have received e-mails from back-check for references. Does anyone know if this is a sign that my file might not be collecting dust and may actually be in the process of being looked at?
It seems like they're taking an interest...
In my case, they called me to book all the basic testing the same day they called my references which was about a week after I applied. Hopefully they'll call you soon..
I actually received a call today to book my aptitude test for mid December, but he was still pretty set on the fact that there won't be many spots opening this coming fiscal year.
Well I was just contacted this week by the Captain that is handling my file for DEO Pilot, and he told me that I've been merit listed. While I realize this doesn't guarantee anything, it's good to see that my file hasn't been completely stagnating and that the wheels are still turning. It has now been well over a year since my initial application.
For what it's worth, he said there will  continue to be no openings this year for Pilot (no surprise there), but  that it will possibly reopen in Fiscal 2010. Nothing to get overly excited about, but I was happy for the update and to be told I was merit listed. I continue to wait....
Well, all you can do is all you can do. The rest is in the hands of others. If there is any area in which you can improve, then do it. Anything else is not to be worried about.
Hey guys,

Just got interesting news (maybe not so surprising) from my recruiter handling my DEO pilot file. I received an e-mail from my recruiter about two weeks ago stating that I should be hearing word soon for dates to attend aircrew selection some time January. He then sent me an e-mail today saying that all spots have been filled up for this year (surprise surpise), and that my file is in quene for processing to attend CFASC once the trade has opened up in the new fiscal year (if it does).

To my understanding, nothing has changed. I already knew that I'd be waiting at least until April to see if I got an offer, the only difference is that I'll be waiting for numbers to come about prior to attending CFASC as oppose to the other way around.

Is anyone in the same boat as me, in terms of waiting to attend ASC? Also, does this say anything about the competitiveness of my file, or is this a standard procedure that's affecting all DEO pilot applications? I'm just a little bummed out about not attending aircrew this January.....
Congrats feelghood. It's definately uplifting hearing such news. Although, the only difference between your route and the route I'm planning on taking is the fact that they're only hiring in one. On the other hand, you did beat tremendous competition so it looks as if you have 'the right stuff'. I guess only time will tell.

Best of luck bud!  :salute:
The difference, feelghood, is that you were assigned a trade for ROTP, which means they are hiring you for some time down the road (If it's your first year of university, 4 years from now, etc). The trade is still closed, and they are still not hiring anyone for this year.
A couple of options that new applicants for pilot may want to consider are:

1. Get commissioned through the ranks.
- Get a trade as an NCM and then transfer to Pilot. We all know that 0 DEO were hired this year. But I personally know of 2 CEOTP Pilot applicants that were offered slots this April. They were both in my sister platoon at BMOQ this fall. If you are an NCM with a degree then that's even better for you. The point is, this will give you a taste of the military and make you much more competitive.

2. Join reserves in any trade.
- Again, military experience. If you show good effort and aptitude, it will make you more competitive. You can complete BMOQ, get it out of the way and show them the "tick" in the box - it is less risk for them to hire someone who has completed that step(where attrition rate through injuries and voluntary releases is fairly high).

These options may or may not delay your admission into Pilot. But for some they will provide the edge, without which they would never be competitive enough for the position.
spitfire on the other hand... :blotto:
VodkaBoy, the recruiter here in Montreal actually recommended I do that (about 5 months ago). He explained that I'd already be in the system, and that would give me a competitive edge. The problem is, I would have to get trained for a specific trade and work at that for a reasonable amount of time before I ask to switch trades. I don't think it would look great if I tell my 'boss' that I'd like to be a pilot fresh out of basic training for a separate trade lol...