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    Naval Boarding Party.

    I would check with your BPSO for info regarding ANBP recruiting. There was a solicitation message for the East Coast sent out not too long ago.
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    Coveralls while at sea

    If you're going to answer my question, try to be less of a dick and have the right answer. I was only asking because someone on my ship mentioned wearing coveralls while at sea and I figured since the Base Clothing worker woke up on the same side of the bed as you, I thought I would ask my...
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    Coveralls while at sea

    It's probably faster to change into a dry suit while wearing coveralls than when you are wearing your NCDs.
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    Coveralls while at sea

    I am going to be going on the Rescue Swimmer course shortly and I had a question regarding dress policy. I was under the impression rescue swimmers were authorized to wear coveralls while at sea. I went to go to Base Clothing today and the civilian working told me only FDU(P/A) and member's of...
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    Army Communication & Information Systems Specialists (Sig Op, Lineman and LCIS Amalgamation)

    Hello, I will be hopefully working as an ACISS for the next little bit and I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on the trade, ie. the day to day taskings that's not explain on the forces.gc.ca website. Thank you.
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    CFPAS Download

    Can someone PM me the password too please, so I can download it.
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    My long journey.

    It would appear you have had a few accidents along your journey and perhaps some of which that could have been avoided, but you haven't allowed them to stop you. Fingers crossed on your medical coming back all clear  !
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    What book are you reading now?

    Born to Run by Christopher McDougall
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    Ceremonial Guard 2013

    Yes, but some people are tasked for a later date.
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    Ceremonial Guard 2013

    Hey, Just  curious, anyone else tasked for the Ceremonial Guard (CG) starting from 29 Jul 13 - 22 Aug 13? If so, where are you coming from and what is your trade? :) darkskye
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    Paying Compliments (Saluting)

    I am not fairly new, soon to be LS, thanks though. Thanks for the replies, darkskye
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    Paying Compliments (Saluting)

    No, it's my sister's graduation. Thanks!
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    Paying Compliments (Saluting)

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    Paying Compliments (Saluting)

    Hi, So, I have used the search function and I have read the CF Drill Manual, but I am still a little unsure thus I am posting here. During a ceremony (High School Graduation), the National Anthem is played, inside, do you come to attention or replace your head dress and salute? Thank you...