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    Wearing an Ancestor's Medals Mega-thread

    It is a criminal offense to wear military medals that someone else has earned. http://www.vac-acc.gc.ca/youth/sub.cfm?source=Help/generalfaq
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    Med Release, Voc Rehab

    Mr Eye in the Sky: Advice is cheap but here are a few pointers I would like to add after reviewing your initial post. Get a copy of your complete Medical file prior to release, if you don't have the time to go to the MIR or base hospital use the Access to information (personal) act and get...
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    Med Release, Voc Rehab

    To continue this conversation... This should not have been done by you, but the system is the way it is.  Were you not counseled upon your release?  You are entitled to someone to shadow you through this process, via DCSM.  Did you not get this?  You are to be briefed on a multitude of things...
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    Medal and Awards Research

    Here is another link you maybe interested in? http://www.vac-acc.gc.ca/clients/sub.cfm?source=help/generalfaq
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    Musician formerly 871.

    Yes, musician is a purple trade. Some have all three uniforms in the basement just in case the next posting isn't the same element they're in now.
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    Musician formerly 871.

    Yes, there are full time reg force musicians in all three Air, Land and Sea environments. Navy has Naden and Stadacona Bands in Victoria and Halifax, Land -  RCA Edmonton and R22eR in Quebec City and Air has Central Band in Ottawa and Air Command Band in Winnipeg. I guess I may have put this...
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    Med Release, Voc Rehab

    I think the rest of the story should stay off of the open forum. Shall we use the private mail system on this site? It may be a little safer.
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    Musician formerly 871.

    "my regiment just got cleared for 13 more band line serials.  So, there is a potential for RHFC to have 15 bandsmen (I may end up with one of those positions if I'm told I am no longer deployable... which may be the case.)" Cool, it's nice to see and hear these new positions are being created...
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    Anxiety/OCD/meds (merged)

    I'm not suggesting an applicant withhold pertinent medical information that would enable anyone to get killed nor skive the rules. What I am saying is, everyone has personal issues - why compromise your application with over qualify an area of your life that you consider personal. I'm not...
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    What Was/Is Your Biggest Obstacle?

    I agree, recceguy. Some confuse the two. I stand corrected on the pay incentive category. It used be that former cadets wouldn't get their cadet time credited however, it seems the rules have changed.
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    Incentive Pay Category For Cadets Joining The CF

    Ok, I apologize. It's sounds like the rules have changed.
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    What Was/Is Your Biggest Obstacle?

    31 years Reg force and 6 years cadet. If you want proof e-mail me.
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    Canadian Public Opinion Polls on Afghanistan

    Freedom doesn't come free.
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    Tell us your experiences after Medical Release with SISIP/VAC/etc

    I would like to hear any personal stories (for better or worse) of anyone having issues with their SISIP LTD claim or VAC after a Medical (Cat 3a/b) release. I Hope this thread is in the correct category. If it isn't please feel free to move it, thanks. Sincerely, Oil Can  :o
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    Musician formerly 871.

    Musician - Haven't seen too many of these around? Has anyone else?