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    PERs : All issues questions...2003-2019

    If they are his then he can publish them if he wants. If they were yours then no, they must be protected by him.
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    What Cap Badge to wear?

    In my experience the only pers that wear the Inf or Armd Corps cap badges are pre DP1 or current DP1 students. Once DP1 is complete they are badged to their Regt. What does your RSM say about it?
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    Car Storage Places in Edm - Recommendations?

    Have them print the CBI out for you, it may have changed since your last deployment
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    Challanging incentive level for mbr rejoining

    I don't think they will get an joy on this. In my current RSS job I see quite a few applications to re-enrole in the PRes from the Sup Res. They really look hard at courses. So if there is no BMQ-L, then Mbr is required to complete it and given only the rank that is attainable now without it...
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    Real Estate Agent in Edmonton

    Craig Pilgrim is great, and he's on the list of approved realtors for Brookfield
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    Purchasing Goods

    Do you have sect 32/34 authority? If not then you can't purchase anything.
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    Canadian solider bumper sticker

    It might be the CMTC sticker
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    Isn't that all you throw?? >:D
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    Army Communication & Information Systems Specialists (Sig Op, Lineman and LCIS Amalgamation)

    Most of us go to the crapper to push something out, the MES implementation, development and execution directives seen to have come from it. Why did this not get though through!!!
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    As of One Minute Ago, I am Now Retired

    Congrats Tom, I wish I was able to make your DWD. It was a pleasure serving with you at the Regt, you were always a wealth of knowledge. Pat
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    Army Communication & Information Systems Specialists (Sig Op, Lineman and LCIS Amalgamation)

    It's too bad that the misinformation seed was planted by the MES team right from the get go.
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    Ordered "to get a phone" / Contact Information [Merged]

    I'd be looking at that situation hard before issuing any device. Because now you're unit has set precedence and you need to be careful of that. Why not just keep them in the duty centre until they sort themselves out if on IRU or stand by. That's what my SSM was willing to do with this young...
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    Ordered "to get a phone" / Contact Information [Merged]

    Not right now, but it's common place to have a contact plan for your troops. Can't claim ignorance out of laziness
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    Ordered "to get a phone" / Contact Information [Merged]

    Do you have a land line? If no and you rely solely on your cell phone, then I fully side with your supervisor. It's your responsibility to have a contact method. Just like if you have a text only plan, that is not a sufficient means of contact. You'll never get re-imbursement for a civi phone...
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    Improved Combat Uniform

    Mixed bag