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    Wrist Watch Recommendations - Merged Thread

    I've been using a Timex Ironman since I joined, like a lot of you guys have. Been swimming wearing it, showered wearing it a million times. The screen has scratches on it from... A lot of things, but it functions perfectly still.
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    Cheating on cfat

    :nod: okay then.
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    Sewing in BMQ

    Get one of those fine-tipped sharpies for writing labels. You can find label tape a bunch of places, or just wait until you get to St Jean and get it from the canex on your first trip there. While I was there, I heard that a guy on a different platoon had a hand-held sewing punch (best way I...
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    CAF Beard policy-CANFORGEN 158/18

    One of the navy guys I work with is re-doing his CBRN. Being navy, of course he has a beard. This monday, however, he came is with it trimmed down to less than a cm. Apparently to get fitted for a mask, you have to be clean shaven, and in order to get gassed, you have to have your beard super...
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    Explain your username in this thread

    My unit is not used to getting Privates. Just about everyone here is MCpl/MS or above. Every now and then I hear people talking about "The Private", always referring to me. I just think it's funny.
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    Berets and How to Form Them

    So for those who don't know what ACISS DP1 is like (or has been recently from what I'm told), they treat getting your cap badge at the end of the course as a huge deal. You're stuck wearing a cornflake up until that point. During the course, I tried messing with my beret to make it look better...
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    Combat Boots policy 2018-CANFORGEN 127/18

    Now that BOOTFORGEN is out, you should look in to buying them civi side.
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    Laptop and computery graphics card questions

    I know I'm a little late to the party, but if you're on pte pay like myself, Canex plans are a great way to go. They have some great gaming laptops that work well for moving around and pre-built desktops if you're not comfortable doing it yourself and you don't plan on moving anytime soon. I'm...
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    Canadian Armed Forces in video games (or the lack thereof)

    My favourite part about the Canadians in that game is that they are perceived as actually terrifying by the enemy. Legit stormtroopers. You can really tear it up as them for sure.
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    You know you are military when...

    Leaving the house before anyone else wakes up. Your civi buddies think you're an alcoholic but they're actually just lightweights. When you're going to the gym and call it "PT kit" and your buddy reminds you you're not in garrison.
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    CAF Cannabis Use 2018- DAOD 9004-1

    To be honest, I'm not excited to have guys I work with smoking pot. What I've seen in the past is that it's turned my smart friends stupid. I understand why the big brass was put under pressure to create these policies... But I don't think they should have. It seems almost exactly the way they...
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    BMQ / BMOQ - Medical, Dental, Mental health questions [Merged]

    Bring medicine. Seriously. St Jean garrison is notorious for illness. I promise you will be sick by week 3. That doesn't mean you're boned, you just need to know how to deal with it. Will I get recoursed if I get sick? Not unless you have something really contagious and they need to isolate...
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    BMQ Failure Rate

    Hey man, I think we were on sister platoons. I was on the Hell one. Most people dropped because they kept messing up over and over and weren't learning from it. I would screw something up, get yelled at, and not do it again. I finished the course with only 3 counsellings when the average was...
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    BMQ Failure Rate

    I did basic Nov 17-Feb 18 I was one of the latter. I couldn't do everything physically, but you'd have to shoot me before I would give up. I kept that attitude the whole way though, and it got the junior staff on my side, even if the PO1 and his 2IC didn't like me. Unfortunately I was...