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    Offer questions

    1. Probably clear about $350 two times a month. Not a bad deal at all. 2. This includes your time in school. 3. There is an RMC campus in St Jean. Looks like that's where you'll be going. All OCdts/NCdts learn french by the time they graduate. You will make all kinds of new friends in...
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    Depart with Dignity

    Did they have DWD when they left the reg force?  I think the standard, although I could be corrected is that the DWD is a one time only event.
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    CFHA Residential Housing Unit (RHU)-old PMQ [MERGED]

    The only scenario I could see this happening is if you were there for only a couple of months and you had painted throughout without permission...
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    Graduate Studies / Master Degree / PhD [MERGED]

    Wondering if there are any current or recent Grads in the MPA program at RMC.  I'm looking to complete part-time DL and I was wondering if there is a best order in selecting what courses should be done.  Thanks for any help.
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    CF Hair Regulations - Female styles

    No start date specified?  So tomorrow??
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    CANFORGEN 168/18 (aka PATCHFORGEN) [Merged]

    Don't think you see the mental picture - my confusion wasn't CADPAT vice NCDs - it was the face the pers in the image were CADPAT with naval ensign in lieu of the Canadian Flag.
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    CANFORGEN 168/18 (aka PATCHFORGEN) [Merged]

    The other day I saw a picture of navy recruits in CADPAT but instead of the Canadian Flag on the left shoulder, they had the Naval Ensign. Is this a thing?  I'm navy, wear CADPAT and have the Canadian Flag on my shoulder.  Is there a reg/policy I'm missing?
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    Junior RCAF member commended for innovative concept

    Is there a link for the presentation?
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    VAC wait times

    Recommend calling every week or two.  I called again today on behalf of my Dad.  I'll call them again next week.  If there is a hold up, and I can help move it along I know about it right away.
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    Phoenix Pay System - Shit's Horrible

    Just checked my acct.  I got paid again today from the PS even though I've been on LWOP since 1Oct... :not-again: Thought about quitting altogether, but I imagine I'd still be paid in that scenario too... :facepalm:
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    Questions about joining the Reserves

    It can be quick.  It can be longer.  Point is, I wouldn't commit to unemployment while waiting for an offer. Also, upon joining the reserves, OP wouldn't be getting immediate full time employment.
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    Questions about joining the Reserves

    The application process can be lengthy at times and an offer is not guaranteed.  I recommend finding employment in the mean time.
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    12 months for determination?

    I got my father in to VAC and we filled out all the paperwork.  He has since received in the mail a form to have his family doctor fill out.  Problem is, Dad never addressed his issue with civilian doctors since his release in 1995.  He's never been a go to the doctor guy and he never brought up...
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    Pay increments

    Where will you be for your OJT?  Your pay is low because you are paying rations and quarters.  If you are doing OJT from home, your take home pay will be more.  You should verify if you should be paying for your quarters.  More info needed.
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    On-Line Language Training - CFG 037/11

    found it: http://www.forces.gc.ca/en/training-elearning/second-language-allies.page?