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  1. burdseyeflu

    36y/o m nurse offered Log - advice?

    Ahoy everyone! Been mulling around in my mind of joining up for years, finally I pulled the trigger and wrote the CFAT in early November'23. Nursing in the civilian world is...not as what I was promised in 2011, and so I'm looking for a serious career path that holds the values it claims. I've...
  2. LarpHam69

    In need of an RCAF Wedge Cap, Size 7 7/8 soon, Can anyone help?

    Good day to all, I'm writing this as an unlikely curve ball request/effort seeking an RCAF Wedge Cap (size 7 7/8 or thereabouts) for an upcoming uniform inspection. I changed elements several months ago (from Army to Air Force) and Logitisk Unicorp has been fraught with stock shortages of...
  3. TheAngryCpl


    Good day fellow Canadians. So I released in October, as an end of contract. Held the rank of Cpl was army, was planning on going airforce. Got into civi life and regretted it. I'm looking at re-enrolling. Some questions popped up. I plan on going to avn or acs : how long does re-enrolment take...
  4. D

    RCAF pilots promotion and rank upgrade!

    Hi everyone! I have a question about how pilots get promotion and rank upgrades (when you get in via ROTP or DEO). I’ve heard you’re OCdt until you finish BMOQ and University, then you’re promoted 2LT. You’ll stay 2LT until you get your wings then become LT. From there, once you complete the...
  5. R

    Aircrew Selection

    Hello everyone! I’ll be heading to aircrew selection in the next month, and this will be my 2nd attempt at the test. I practice every day using the CBAT app and Lumosity, and was wondering if anyone knew the pass rate for 2nd time candidates. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks in advance!
  6. E

    Whats going on with pilot CEOTP? (Seneca)

    Hello all! Bear with me as I write out this message here, I am currently 15 years old and planning to join the RCAF once I complete highschool. I have been around and loved aviation my entire life so naturally, I would like to go into the pilot trade. I have been in cadets since I was 12, I do...