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  1. T

    In-Demand Trade Confusion

    Greetings and salutations to those this may concern, I am an applicant to the CAF and am about to embark on an interview on the 12th, medical on the 20th after some muckery in later 2021. I applied as an Signal O, Communication Electronics Officer, and Artillery O -- only I'm starting to feel a...
  2. C

    Looking to speak to someone in IT role (or with experience)

    I’m looking at the information systems technician role for the CAF, and I think it would be a great opportunity for me based on what I currently want to do for my career. I’m looking to speak to someone who is currently involved in (or has knowledge of) that role to fill out my picture of what...
  3. G

    Joining with 1 criminal history charge

    Hey guys, looking for some answers or maybe someone out there has been through this. Applying for ncm inf/combat engineer. This one makes me sweat but hear it goes. I made a foolish mistake when i was in my early 20’s and ended up with a felony possession charged of cocaine in the united states...
  4. questions1234

    Is Reserve Military Police Officer (montreal area) worth it/what's job like?

    Hello, I have a psych degree, a police foundations degree and few other assorted certifications. I am looking to join military reserves in montreal area and am wondering what trade would be best, i have a friend who is in reserves and told me recruiters lie and to post here for additional...