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1000 Marines IN Norway For Training


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1,000 US Marines arrive in Norway for cold-weather training - Europe - Stripes

“The opportunity to strengthen this historic relationship with the Norwegian Army and improve our Arctic warfare proficiency is invaluable to the readiness of our forces,” Lt. Col. Ryan Gordinier, commander of 3rd Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment, said in a statement.

The Marines have been a regular presence in Norway since the Cold War and continue to keep large stockpiles of weapons in Norwegian caves. The Marine mission in Norway expanded three years ago when the Corps launched six-month rotations that involved keeping Marines in Norway all year, with back-to-back rotations.
Mainly because of geography, IIRC the only practical way to reinforce Norway in the event of a Russian invasion is through sealift: assault capable or otherwise.

NATO and/or the Eurozone has no real equivalent to the amphibious capacity of the USMC, in either numbers or capability.

I'm guessing they'd better 'up their game' in that arena now that the Marines are heading to warmer climes.
The Marines currently have three Marine Expeditionary Forces, two of which are oriented on the Pacific and one on the Atlantic. One wonders with the current Marine Corps organizational restructuring whether there will be less Atlantic oriented forces or activities.