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1st canadian parachute battalion ww2.


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Hello everyone. I am a nephew of a soldier from WW2. My uncle was in the 1st canadian parchute battalion. I have recently received his service records and am trying to follow in his footsteps by using the entries from his records and the war diaries on the Canadian Gov. web site. He was involved in all the major battles including the Normady Operation Overlord D-day jump, the Battle of the Bulge ( Ardennes) and the Varsity battle. On his service records it shows that on August 27th 1943 he left Canada and arrived in the UK on Sept. 1 1943. This was for continued training. The Battalion was under the 3rd Parachute Brigade of the British 6th Airborne Division. Is there any way of finding what ship he would have taken from Canada to the UK. I know there are sites that indicate that the Queen Mary ( Troop ship) sailed on that day but I dont know if he was on it or on another ship. Are there passenger lists available for that time period showing the name of the soldiers? I have tried ancestry in Canada and the UK site but unable to find anything. He was a member of B Company and HQ Company. Any info would be appreciated. My Uncle would have been 100 yrs old on Feb. 24th 2024.