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21 year vet medical release


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Good day I am a 21 year vet still serving . I am carrying many injuries and have approved claims through vac. My question is if I medically release how does that work I was told I retain 90 percent of my salary is this true etc. I am very fearful of getting out but my age and body are deteriorating and the pain is becoming to much currently I have tendentious in both shoulders and two bad discs in my back plus an adjustment disorder I have pretended for far to long to be healthy and need to start taking care of my health. I am currently slated to go see the doc to possible start the tcat process and possibly get medically release just supper fearful of getting booted than I can’t provide for my family due to my injuries etc. any info or experience that are recent would be great. Thanks for your time to read this post .
If you're released medically you're automatically eligible for CAF Long Term Disability (CAF LTD) which is like an insurance policy.

Through CAF LTD you will be paid 75% of whatever your salary is upon release (like a monthly pay), for 2 years. You can top your salary up another 15% through VACs rehab program for a total of 90% of your salary for that 2 years. If your injuries are significant enough that it prevents you from finding a new job there's wage replacement available through VAC's income replacement benefit as well.

Through CAF LTF you're eligible for 2 years of schooling (up to $36,000 or something like that) after you released if it's for a career and not a hobby course. That's in addition to the $80,000+ that's available to you through the VAC education and training benefit.

If you're looking at T-Cat (1) right now you could be looking at 3-5 years to be medically released if it's supported.
I just released last year and I applied for and got the Income Replacement Benefit and it is really good. Because of the beating my body took it's not easy to get work. The IRB makes it so I dont have to worry. I got a lot more than I thought and it is a RELIEF!
Jarnhamar has given some great information. On top of that I would strongly advise you to go to the nearest Transition Centre and ask for an appointment with a Services Coordinator. They can tell you all of the various benefits and services that you may be eligible for, and they can also inform you about the current timelines for medical releases. You do not need to be posted to a Transition Centre to get support from them either.

If you do not know how to contact the nearest Transition Centre, send me a PM and tell me where you are located, and I'll get you the contact numbers.