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Hello, 08 vet here. I am pensioned for a variety of injuries through VAC. Currently at 90% disability. I am still currently working full time in a job I enjoy, but it is getting harder and harder physically. It’s looking like it is only going to be a matter of time for me before I won’t be able to do my job anymore, which means the IRB/DEC train for me.

With all my VAC money I recieved over the years I invested it or paid down my mortgage. I am now in a position where I have TFSA and RRSP accounts and money in them.

My questions is if I end up on IRB/DEC, will the income they pay me be reduced if I withdraw from my RRSP? I have been keeping money in my TFSA for this exact reason instead of putting more into RRSPs for the tax benefits.

Thank you!
In the VAC IRB Policy, specifically on pages 9-13 it outlines how an IRB monthly amounts are calculated, under the list of offsets that are deducted it makes no mention off income from withdrawing from a registered plan.

Specifically in paragraph 88, it mentions that investment income should not be considered when determining the amount of IRB payable. Unless the CRA determines that the investment income is considered income.

As always, it’s best to reach out to VAC calculations analyst, and confirm.

My understanding is, if you were able to work, there is nothing about being employed that gets in the way of you earning investment income on the side.