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A different trade....


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If you had to start over again which 3 trades would you have chosen? Why?
Steward, Hull Tech, and Bos'n.

I'm Currently a Suptech going for a OT to Steward I see it as a Navy only Support trade (Flight Steward is a specialty trade).
I add that in thinking of a Job/career post military which one will the market be looking for and which ones will I be able to fulfill.

Hull tech as again it's Navy Only, and alot of duties that will gain lots of experience wood working, plumbing, fire fighting...etc.

Bos'n as I didnt feel like being stuck in the OPS room and they seemed to be the do all when I was on ship.
Armoured Soldier : why walk when you can ride.

Weapons Technician - Land : guns are cool.

Geomatics Technician : Apparently just about anyone can make sergeant.

So Infantry, Supply Tech and RMS did nothing for you?

I thought of Supply Tech then remembered the disgruntled ones at Base Clothing. I thought of Truckers until I deployed with them and then chose Tfc Tech after working with them in Longue-Pointe.