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ACSO selection dates


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Good Day All,

Quick question: Does anyone know when the next dates for ACSO are? I've searched for it in the forums but couldn't find an answer.
Good Evening,

It depends which entry plan you're looking into.  For DEO the next projected selection date is 7-Sep, and for ROTP they're ongoing.
Please note that these are the dates that Headquarters will do a selection, it can take up to a few days (if someone is selected) to be given an offer.

Best Regards,
Sgt Laen
Thank you for answering Sergeant Laen. Unfortunately I don't think I will be merit listed in time for that selection. Hopefully there will be another round sometime after that.

I know that the next selection dates will be september 21, but I don't think I will be merit listed in time for this selection, so when will be the next selection dates after that one?

Good Day,

There is no identified selection date after 21-Sep-16 at this moment. 
That does not mean that there will not be another selection, it just means there is no official schedule date at the moment.
If you are not selected as part of that group I would suggest you touch base again approximately 1-2 weeks after to find out if there will be further selections.

Best Regards,
Sgt Laen
So if I understand the way it works, if I'm on the merit list, I have to wait the selection date to have an offer or can I have an offer at any other time?
Good Day,

Normally it takes 3-5 days after a selection has occurred for offers to be given; however this is the only timing that you will be given an offer.  If there are no selection dates scheduled that means that trade is not being selected.  Please note that this does not mean there will be no selections after the 21st, it just means that none are schedule at the moment.

Best Regards,
Sgt Laen
Thanks for the info Sargeant Laen! I was merit listed right before the 21st so fingers crossed I get a call for this selection.
Good Day Sergeant Laen,

Do you know if the selections for ACSO went ahead as scheduled on Sept 21st? I'm just wondering because in previous threads I read it seems like people got their offers a few days after selection, and since I haven't heard anything and a week has passed if that means I probably haven't been chosen for this selection.
Good Day,

It appears like there were selections made, however there are still openings left this recruiting year.

Best Regards,
Sgt Laen