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CD - once eligible for it, can the ribbon alone be worn?

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Good day- I could not find the answer to this in any thread here, nor in the QR&O, KR&O, or any DND link. If it has already been addressed, I apologize.
I will be CD-eligible on 25 May 2024 (mix of RCR and CRANG time) and will be putting my application in to my CRang patrol commander.
Quite some time ago, someone told me that once a person is CD-eligible (i.e. the date at which 12 years ' service / good conduct has been achieved), the person can wear the ribbon, but not the medal, and cannot use the post-nominals.
Is that accurate?
Thanks in advance.
106. Recipients of campaign or service medals (including the CD or Clasps) are not authorized to wear undress ribbons nor miniatures until the GG has approved the award in the form of the Instrument and the recipients have been presented with the actual honour (refer to Chapter 7).