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Afghan Operations Game Announcement

Mike Bobbitt

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I'm pleased to announce that after more than a year of planning and effort Afghan Operations, an online game, is now available to play.

What is Afghan Operations?

Afghan Operations is an online game developed for Facebook that allows you to play as a member of the Canadian Forces in Afghanistan.

What's included in the game?

Gameplay includes over 130 realistic missions in 30 different locations across Afghanistan and elsewhere. Train on over 100 unique pieces of equipment to improve your odds of success. Subdue insurgencies to unlock new High Value missions. Gather intelligence to capture top enemy officials. Perform well enough and you can unlock some of the 125 medals available.

Is it free to play?

Absolutely! Afghan Operations uses the existing MilPoints system to advance gameplay. Existing site members will already have a bank of MilPoints to draw on. New and existing member will earn more MilPoints for playing each day and earning promotions.

How can I provide feedback?

Right here. Please post questions, comments, suggestions and complaints in this board.

Where can I learn more?

Please see the Afghan Operations Documentation for more information.

Will you add "feature X"?

I'm always open to suggestions and would love to hear your ideas. But I can't guarantee every idea will make it in to the game. Currently, there is a fine balance between many different characteristics and changes - even small ones - could throw it off. Other changes may simply be too time consuming or complicated to implement. Either way, I'd still love to hear your ideas for new missions, equipment or features.

Let the games begin!
Sounds cool, I'll give it a shot! Had to quit my last Facebook game because the Dev team decided to make it impossible to play without real money.
With 13k MilPoints, you're good to go. :)

Will there be an option to CFR, to a respective Officer rank, once you've climbed the ladder to become a bitter and twisted WO?  ;D
It seems to be dropping out here and there a bit. I'm looking into it, but I think Facebook is just not patient enough. Give it another shot...

recceguy... that's a good idea. Immediate CFR to the rank of Crusty Captain, with all the commensurate benefits. ;)
While I appreciate any sort of competitive advantage, as the Unit Ethics Officer I think I should report a bug.  This line just showed up:

Merit Points available to spend: 4294967278

Something tells me I have not earned 429 million Edit: 4.3 billion PER points, in this game or real life.
Petamocto said:
Something tells me I have not earned 429 million PER points, in this game or real life.

If you did get that many PER points, you can add the CDS position to your cart on the Career Manager website.
Mike when do I get to go to CSOR/JTF2 for ths super secret missions with the shooting and explosions and Boom Boom Boom  ;D
PuckChaser said:
If you did get that many PER points, you can add the CDS position to your cart on the Career Manager website.

I started adding some points to my attributes and it seemed silly like it was going too high, so I looked up and saw the gigantic number beside my PER points.


Noooooooooo, back down to 24 PER points again  :( now that seems a lot closer to real life.
First person to sign up gets a bonus?  ;D I was wondering who was already leading the leaderboard.
Petamocto, thanks for the report... Sorry about the bug. I've rest your merit points and stats, you should have the regular amount of merit points now to spend on all your stats.

Do you know what action you performed just prior to the huge bonus?
Probably a small change, but the Milpoints FAQ needs to be changed:

What can I do with my MilPoints?
Currently, nothing but marvel at your rising balance. There are plans in the works though, so please be patient. In the mean time rack 'em up!

We can do lots with milpoints now!!!
Mike Bobbitt said:
Do you know what action you performed just prior to the huge bonus?

No I don't sorry I was basically just button mashing, buying the kit I needed and doing the missions.  Then clicked on the PER screen and started adding attributes before I looked up and saw that the number was obviously ridiculously high.

But to answer the question, I haven't done anything that most other players wouldn't do in the first 5 minutes of playing the game.

I merged my accounts, but as I wrote I don't know exactly when the PER bonus came up; it could have been there when I started the game.
Thanks... it's definitely not your issue, it's mine... just want to be sure I understand how it happened! :)
It's a good idea... I actually have a "to do" list already that's pretty large - and includes that item. But I knew that if I waited until I'd finished everything I wanted to do, I'd never be done.

My original intent was to release last April, on April Fools... everyone would have thought it was a joke. But as you can see, I missed that deadline by a mile. Still lots to do that's for sure, but keep the ideas coming. :)

How about a hotlink or something on the menu bar that will take us right to the game after reading the forums?
Should we make a separate topic for game improvement ideas? And also one for bugs? Would keep everything logical so you don't need to search all over the place for people's ideas/suggestions.