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All Things Flight Engineer (merged)

If it is it has been held close as there has been no rumors of this on the legacy side of the house. I don't know if there is even the man power in trade to handle the J fleet right now.
I'd take an FE on any airframe - especially one who loves the North ;)

This would be great news if true!
I work with the Js in trenton, and the only thing right now is we have TCMs (tech crewman). They are still mechanics on the floor when they aren`t flying on missions that have to land away from trenton, where the TCM does basic LM jobs too during the flight. If the take-off and landing are back in trenton with no other landings where the engines will be shutdown, there is no need for a TCM.

And as far as the near future goes, there will be no FEs on board the aircraft.
There is no talk of FEs on the J. As for reducing pilot workload.....well, the computer already does that.
Quick question, sorry to bring this post back from the grave, but can't really find any other posts regarding FE's. Is it only AVN Tech that can transfer over to FE, or can other aircraft tech trades such as AWS Tech, or ACS Tech, AVS tech, etc go into FE. I'm wondering specifically about AWS tech
Hello everyone ,
Haven't been over here lately as much as I wanted to!
So I am finally in Borden doing Common Core and starting my AVN Course in January !! Yeah me !

I had a question for people with experience here .....
So my goal is to go Flight Engineer , that's like my go to thing.  But first I got to to AVN ( which I am very happy about ).  I really enjoy Borden and the surroundings , I enjoy the base itself too.  My question tho is this one :

What's the best route in order to get the best experience to eventually try to go for FE ( on a griffon would be even better ) ?

I was thinking that now that the 400 SQN is doing a lot of the 300 hours work on the griffon it would be a nice selection because I would really go in depth.  But at the same time , I am still young and I want to deploy and travel the world , and I know that over at the 400 I might not get that much opportunity to do it.

Of course I wish I could go 427 , but as a new recruit straight out of my 3s I don't think it's something that happens a lot.  I thought about 430 in Valcartier , because I know these guys do deploy a bit.

So I guess a second part of my question is , Should I try to get the most experience in a SQN that doesn't deploy as much , or should I enjoy doing it younger and maybe not get as much in dept experience before applying for FE?

Thanks !
I'm sitting beside your career manager - he says you need to be fully qualified (Journeyman status, 4-5 years) - good PERs, good at your job and stay healthy.
but does the route you take influence the future options for going FE?

Would someone that goes like 430 or 427 have "more chance" or it doesn't change anything in the long run ?

I am just wondering , since I might need to decide in some weeks
I don't know if it matters, or helps.  The one FE I am thinking of I know, he was AVN at 403, went FE and went to 440 before going to 403.  He moved on and is now on Cormorants.  I know others who were helo and ended up LRP.
The only caution I have is, don't get ahead of yourself.  You're on Common now...you have years of training, work and experience ahead of you before you apply for FE.  Just don't let your future (long term) goals throw you off.  It can be easy to be looking so far ahead you don't see where you are, or need to go, in the present.

yeah good point , I'm used to just trying to see way further down the road .....
I'll just try to enjoy my time here on course !
Airforce247 said:
I was wondering what would happen if I failed poet. I heard if you failed a "400 series trade" such as AVS or AVN you cannot COT to another 400 series trade. I was wondering if that were true. I am not confident I could pass poet and was worried about that because if I failed i would like to be AVN. Hopefully all goes well for me during poet i am just concerned is all. Thank you.

I think that would be a better question for this part of the forum.    https://army.ca/forums/index.php/board,106.0.html