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Application Process Samples [2003 - 2018]

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Update: I found out today that i was found medically fit
Recruiting Centre: Halifax
Regular/ Reserve: Regular
Officer/NCM: NCM
Trade Choice 1: Artillery Soldier
Trade Choice 2: Vehicle Tech.
Trade Choice 3: Armoured Soldier
Applied: October 31, 2015
First Contact: November 6th, 2015
CFAT: November 26th, 2015
Medical: January 11th, 2016
Interview: January 11th, 2016
Merit Listed: TBD
Position Offered: TBD
Enrolment/Swearing In: TBD
Recruiting Center: Kingston
Regular/Reserve: Regular
Officer/NCM:    DEO
Trade Choice 1: Aerospace Control Operator
Trade Choice 2: MARS Officer
Trade Choice 3: Intelligence Officer
Application Date: July 9, 2015
First Contact: July 10, 2015
CFAT: August 5, 2015 Passed
MOST: August 12, 2015 Passed
Medical : March 29, 2016
Interview completed: March 29, 2016
ACS: June 6-7, 2016
Background :
Merit listed:
Position Offered:
Enrollment :
Basic Training Begins:

Finally scheduled my ACS Testing.  Still waiting to hear on background and medical.
Recruiting Center: CFRC Winnipeg
Regular/Reserve: Reserves
Officer/NCM: RESO
Trade Choice 1: Signals Officer
Trade Choice 2:
Trade Choice 3:
Application Date: October 2015
First Contact: October 2015
Aptitude Test: Late2013/Early 2014
PT Test: Late Oct 2015
Reliabilty/ Enhanced Reliability: enhanced reliability competed.references have been called. FBI record check in progress since mid Jan 2016, received Late April 2016. apparently need higher clearance again for signals officer so back in the process it goes  :eek:
Interview: Late may 2016
Merit Listed:
Position Offered:
Enrollment/Swear in:
Basic Training:

one thing i learned during my interview was how spoiled i was by CFRC Toronto by the sheer numbers of recruiters and officers available there. CFRC winnipeg is extremely efficient from the number of appointments they did in the single day and accommodating.
Got the call today. Almost 4 months from application to offer, but I changed from PRes to RegF during the process.

Recruiting Centre: Barrie
Reg/Res: Regular
Officer/NCM: NCM
Trade Choice 1: AVS Tech
Application Date: 18FEB2016
First Contact: 22FEB2016
PT Test: 03MAR2016
CFAT: Bypass (TSD 16MAR2016)
Dropped off bg forms: 29MAR2016
Interview: 05APR2016 (was told PLAR already completed)
Medical: 20APR2016
Re-Interviewed: 10MAY2016 (due to change from PRes to RegF application)
Merit Listed: 10MAY2016
Offer: 07JUN2016 (RSBP)
Swearing In: 20JUL2016
COS: Report to CFSATE 25JUL2016
Passed my ACS testing!  Should hear about medical clearance soon and background check has been started!
Update: Had my Nursing Officer interview and passed :)

Now waiting on medical forms, financials and background check. May be several months to clear everything.
Where there is a will......
Hoping this processes quickly! I've never wanted a job more than now. At 20 years old with a welding ticket I hope I get in quick!!

Recruiting Centre: Winnipeg
Reg./Res.: Regular force
Officer/ncm: NCM
Trade 1: MAT Tech
Trade 2: EGS Tech
Online application: September 2015
First contact: November 2015
CFAT: October 2015 (did not score high enough)
CFAT #2: February 23rd 2016 (passed for both trades)
Medical: February 23rd 2016
Interview: February 23rd 2016
Background/security check: March 2016
Merit listed: may 2016
Position offered: June 14 2016
Swearing in: July 19
BMQ: August 8th
Got the call yesterday!

All told, I was in the process just over a year. Hope to see some of you in September!

Recruiting Centre: Hamilton
Regular/Reserve: Regular
Officer/NCM: Officer (DEO)
Trade Choice 1: MARS
Trade Choice 2:
Applied : 11 May 2015
First Contact: 12 May 2015
CFAT: 4 June 2015
MOST: 3 July 2015
Medical: 26 August 2015
          Visual Acuity forms returned to med tech: 7 September 2015
Interview: 26 August 2015
Merit List: ~ 1 December 2015
Position Offered: 16 June 2016
Enrolment/Swearing In: August 2016
BMOQ: 5 September 2016
Also got the call on the 16th of June. Glad to finally have an answer!

Recruiting Centre: Halifax
Regular/Reserve: Regular
Officer/NCM: Officer (DEO)
Trade Choice 1: MARS
CFAT: November 5th, 2015 - Passed
MOST: January 14th , 2016 - Passed
Interview: January 25th, 2016 - Passed
Medical: January 25th, 2016 - Declared fit
Merit Listed: March 24th, 2016
Position offered: June 16th, 2016
Swearing in: October 4th, 2016
BMOQ: October 24th, 2016
**** update ****

As of this morning , I can proudly say that I have successfully completed the required level of mathematics for both my number 1 and 2 choice !!

So as of next MONDAY , AVN and ATIS tech will be back and active in my application !!!

Now comes the waiting part for the offer ( all the other steps are done , except that I will need to do an updated interview to re-activate the other 2 )

I just can't wait !!!
Recruiting Centre: Toronto,ON
Regular/Reserve: Regular
Trade Choice 1:Military Police
Online application: June 21st 2016
First Contact: ?
Interview: ?
Medical: ?
Merit Listed: ? 
Position offered: ?
Swearing in: ?

so its about that time for me to enjoy the long and fun waiting times to become a MP....... ;D ;D ;D
Made the Cut woohoo

ecruiting Centre: CFRC Fredericton
Regular/ Reserve: Regular
Officer/NCM: NCM
Trade Choice 1: 00129
Trade Choice 2: 00168
Trade Choice 3: 00367
Applied: 06 Jan 16
First Contact: 26 Jan 16
CFAT: Bypass
Medical: 16 Mar 16
Interview: 16 Mar 16
Position Offered:  23 June 16
Enrolment/Swearing In:  18 Aug 16
BMQ: 28 Aug 16
CFRC: St John's, NL
Regular/Reserve: Regular
Trade 1: boatswain
Trade 2: infantry
Trade 3: firefighter
Applied: Oct'15
First contact: Nov'15
CFAT: June'16 Passed for all NCM
Interview: TBD
Medical: TBD
Position offered: TBD
Enrollment: TBD

Recruiting Centre: Toronto,ON
Regular/Reserve: Regular
Trade Choice 1:AES OP
Trade Choice 2:ATIS TECH
Trade Choice 3:E TECH
Online application: Mar 2015
First Contact: Mar 2015
CFAT: April 2015
Interview: Jan 6 2016   
Medical: Jan 7 2016
Medical additional files: Feb 8 2016
Aircrew Selection: May 27 2016 (AES OP testing)
Merit Listed: Late June 2016 
Position offered: ATIS Tech
Swearing in: Aug 18 2016
BMOQ: Aug 29 2016

Just filling this for future applicants to get a some what reference point on timings. The longest waiting period I had to endure was the time between medical and security clearance. Nothing you can really do at that point, but I am just happy it was cleared.  I am very happy to be joining the Canadian Army. Good luck.
Recruiting Center: Charlottetown, PE.
Regular/ Reserve: Regular
Officer/NCM: NCM
Trade Choice 1: Infantry Soldier
Trade Choice 2: Armoured Soldier
Trade Choice 3: Combat Engineer

Online Application: [February 26th 2014]
First Contact: [March 5th 2014]
CFAT: [March 18th 2014] Passed
Medical: [July 29th 2014]  Failed Part 2
Interview: [July 29th 2014] Passed

** Additional medical information sent 12 months later and found acceptable. Recieved letter stating I now meet CEMS (File Reopened).

Background Check: [Started Dec 8th 2015] Done.
ERS Check: [Started Dec 8th 2015] Passed as of June 8th 2016.
Medical 2: [May 25th 2016] Passed

Scheduled Next…
Updated Interview: [June 29th 2016]

Merit Listed: []
Position offered: []
Swearing in:  []
BMQ Start Date: []
Recruiting Centre: Hamilton
Reg./Res.: Regular force
Officer/NCM: NCM
Trade 1: MAT Tech
Trade 2: Airforce Structures Tech
Online application: May 9th 2016
First contact: May 12th 2016
CFAT: May 17th 2016 (scored high enough for any position)
Medical: June 1st 2016 (additional forms required)
Interview: June 1st 2016
Medical: June 7th 2016 (Forms Turned In)
Background/security check: N/A
Merit listed: N/A
Position offered: N/A
Swearing in: N/A
Recruiting Centre: Toronto,ON
Regular/Reserve: Regular
Trade Choice 1:Military Police
Online application: June 21st 2016
First Contact: June 27th 2016
Interview: ?
Medical: ?
Merit Listed: ? 
Position offered: ?
Swearing in: ?
After nearly three years, I got word of my acceptance into my preferred trade. I'll be starting BMOQ on 5 September for Construction Engineering Officer!

I'm so excited for this next step and to all those out there waiting for their offer/medical/interview/CFAT/etc, keep your spirits high, work hard, and don't forget that a watched pot never boils!

Looking forward to meeting my future platoon-mates!
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