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ATIS Program


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Hello all,

Thank first of all for taking the time to read my post.  I have a few questions about a program that I am interested in for Post Secondary.

The program that I would like to get education for is ATIS (Aerospace Telecommunication & Information Systems Technician).

I have done a lot of research and the school that I wanted to attend (RCC) is not really the kind of school I want to go to.  I have read horror story after horror story about that school.  The person painted this picture of a perfect school, but after I went and checked the school out, i was automatically turned off.  Nothing was clean, the computers were not up to date.

Anyways, my question is, are there a list of schools (Public, not private) I can go though with a NCM +SEP?


Thanks for your time.
Like everybody else is told on here. Go to a recruiting centre. They have a list of all the schools and all the acceptable courses. There are several in the Toronto area that are good for the ATIS program