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Basic sept 4th

So you guys are all flying into Trudeau?  I'll wait for your flight so if taxis are need we can all split on them.  I won't be hard to miss with my Kit bag and OD backpack.
I'm gonna be bussing in from Ottawa so I think I might SoL on my own.  Haven't been sworn in yet so Im not sure what day I'll be arriving.
I just got sworn in yesterday in Kingston. I got my S/N number used it at Running Room to save 10% also.

One thing that I have been trying to do is memorize the ranks for all three branches you can find pictures of the ranks on the DND website. This way I wont call someone by the wrong rank and get push ups for everyone.

Anyways I can't wait to get there and meet you guys. Only twelve days left.
My Girl is driving me up on the sunday I will probally get dropped off at around 3:00 (15:00) Why?
I am only a 3 1/2 hour drive away it would be cool to fly though I have never been in a plane before
It's over rated guys.  My old job used to fly me all over the country and after a while it really sucks.

Anyways, do you Toronto guys know your flight number?  This way I can meet you at your gate.
Sworn in today!  Ill see if I can post some pics.  Anyone gonna be at the bus station on the 3rd who wants to share a cab?
Updated the list to add Dank, Wood my flight number is 201 flying with westjet, and Congrats Medic :salute:

St. Jean

Anyone going to st jean from BC and flying outta Vancouver on the 2nd in the morning? (other than the ones sworn in with me)
Did anyone else get the frantic phone call from their CFRC today saying.. "We messed up, you fly out Sunday the 27th, and start on the 28th"?
Temoid said:
I'm flying out of vancouver at 11 pm, sep 2nd.

Ouch. late 2am arrival + timezone change = what? 5am on the 3rd?

The 2 others and I from the island are leaving on the 8:45 plane outta Vancouver.
And 1 other I know is flying from Vancouver on the 10am flight (I think)

EDIT: Would our course be considered fall or summer training? Im thinking for casual civi clothes. Is it shortsleeve casual or longsleeve casual time?
inferno said:
Did anyone else get the frantic phone call from their CFRC today saying.. "We messed up, you fly out Sunday the 27th, and start on the 28th"?

Nope and wow if that is true you won't be reading this
It is true, supposedly the course was booked originally for the 4th, and no one told my Clerk that they changed it to the 28th.

What sucks what I was on my way to Kamloops for a last weekend Ultimate tournament. Booked the hotel, paid the field fees, everything. Then as I was just driving out of Vancouver, I get the call and had my team drop me on the side of the road so my parents could come grab me and take me home to pack.

Team was pretty upset, girlfriend was incredibly upset, parents are scrambling and panicing... oh well.

So now I fly out on a 8:45 flight out of Vancouver, anyone else on that flight? The clerk said she had 4 Cadets who were on that course, and she's only contacted myself and one other.
Anyone know if there is a specific dress-code for when we arrive in Borden?  Didn't see any mention of it in the handbook...