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Basic sept 4th

Well, from what I saw on the BMQ movie that we got, no.
But, I remember in the book somewhere saying casual dress code. I'll go double check
Yeah casual but not TOO casual. They said to 'dress appropriately and DO NOT wear blue jeans'. So I suppose something like a normal pair of pants and a dress shirt would be sufficent. Oh and don't wear a leather jacket, apparently the name tag they give you to stick on ruins leather.
I would assume you could wear what you wore to your swearing in unless it was a full blown suit
MacIsaac said:
I would assume you could wear what you wore to your swearing in unless it was a full blown suit

No, I'm sure you could wear a suit if you wanted to. Why one would is another story.
Hello all,
I'll be joining you in Borden on the 4th... from the looks of it everyone here that is going is army. I'm navy - will that make a difference? Do they mix the branches together in BMQ, or do they tend to group them?
Whatever the case, I'm looking forward to it!!
Nope, as far as I know BMQ is BMQ regardless of where you go afterwards. Less than a week to go now, I'm looking forward to seeing you there too NWT! 8)

It is the last five minuets of my civy job and I am using it to post here. Can,t wait to get to basic and start a new chapter of my life. I am going to take it easy with my girl fri and sat mabey go fishing and then leave early sun morning.

Anyways see you sunday

safe travels
Actually, my flight isn't too bad. The plane takes off at 11:25 pm on saturday and arrives in montreal at 7:09 am.
My son has been in Borden the last 5 months so he will be there to greet whomever is going in that direction.He starts the 4th.
Ah I just spend the day running around getting things so I'm ready tomorrow morning
Just got my call today, Sworn in on Friday, then depart next Saturday for Basic to start on Sept. 18 at St-Jean. told I'm going PPCLI reg Infantry.