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Better Field Artillery


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If we can extend the range of our tube artillery that's a cost saving,but buy more HIMARS. 8)


The Army is fast-tracking an emerging program to engineer a longer-range artillery cannon able to out range enemy ground forces by hitting targets at more than twice the distance of existing artillery.
The service is now prototyping an Extended Range Cannon Artillery weapons with a larger caliber tube and new grooves to hang weights for gravity adjustments to the weapon – which is a modified M777A2 mobile howitzer.


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There is some literature out there about using the aerodynamics developed for electromagnetic railguns to be used for conventional 155 and 5" artillery. With this the shells can be accelerated to Mach 3 and a 155 howitzer has the potential to strike a target 70km away. A proposed secondary use is for anti air/anti missile defence.

This is different from HIMARS or other rocket artillery, since the guns are still capable of firing conventional shells, as well as a variety of guided shells like Excalibur, and can also fire multiple shells to provide a weight of artillery fire on target. Gun artillery looks like it will survive for years to come as a flexible partner to rocket and missile artillery, and air delivered munitions.