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BMQ in 4 days

Im only one going from the seaforths, so I go and take a nice greyhound and taxi.  Not a big deal tho well all get there... hopefully lol.

Btw, did your unit get a bus to go?? cause i should hitch a ride :p
Hey guys, I will be on the Aug 2nd course to. I'm in the Royal Westminster Regiment i know that all the members of our regiment that are going on the course are providing their own transportation. Anyways the course should be good, see you all there or catch me on MSN before we go (msn addy is in my profile)
Firstly, Pte. Jimbo welcome to my marry little hell called Chilliwack Summer Training Center. I've been f***ing the dog here for a month now on BMQ and I am on time off between BMQ and SQ. Well it's hot there. It's even hotter still when you don the NBC warfare suite and gas mask. Ok, bring 2 shaving kits. One for morning inspections the other is the one you use and for the field. There is a postion that you will have to do once called course senior. His job is to make sure every time your platoon forms up to go somewhere that all recruits are accounted for. He makes sure that the standards are the same for everyone. He insures that everyone meets there timings 5 minutes early. He does all this by delegating to the section seniors so don't go room by room to pass on instructions as they come down just call in your section seniors and tell them what is the standard or timing. Always listen to the course seniors for his word is the word of the Marching NCO. Also don't call members of the Royal Canadian Arty Corporal or Master Corporal they are (Master)Bombardiers. It's funny watching someone get jacked up for calling a Bombardier Corporal.
Hey Limpy .

thanks for the heads up, ill bring my extra shaving kit, and try to remember to be a good course senior. Most likely tho , i will end up calling a bombardier a corporal tho, just cause  i wont remember when im dead tired lol.  Hope you enjoy SQ , hopefully i will be able to do that in september.
lol right now, I still can't remember everytime to call them as "sir" or their rank.
Oh I almost forgot, your first classroom classes are going to be "death by power point". The classrooms have comfortable chairs and are airconditioned. DO NOT FALL ASLEEP! Your day will start around 0500 and won't end till about 2300. You will become "sleep f***ed". Stay awake take lots of notes it helps to stay awake. Also, coffee. It helps.
Private Jimbo said:
How you guys getting to Chilliwack? and do you have to wear combats? or civilian clothes?

my instructions were to wear full uniform.. im not sure what that is.. but full uniform.. also my unit, the 12th med.. we get a bus to chilliwack.. btw.. im more of a lazy shaver.. do u need to be super clean.. all i plan to bring is a blade..
It is against Army rules not to shave every day. You will shave with your 15 minutes in the morning before P.T. or there will be consequences. If you fail to shave well the day you go to the gas hut you'll know it and understand one of the reasons why the Army has you shave.
Hey, no i do not know those Mcpl's but i do know a MCpl Midan who i heard would be instructing... anyway ill have my electric shaver for the base stuff and a razor etc for the field... I'm kinda already used to inspections (cadet for 4 years) but that was cadets and this is the army... do you know a Pte Montgomery limpy? he's from the same town as me, if so let him know im coming :p
Ya I know Montgomery. He' s in 1 section with me. Good guy. He got drunk and hurled onto his bed the morning after a bunch of us got drunk.
Morning , jeeze, I really need to just get there.  Too excited.  Limpy when your talking about taking notes , do we have to take any writing equipment or do they supply us some.  didnt see it on paper, but yea , dont want to find out I didnt look hard enough.

Limpy said:
He got drunk and hurled onto his bed the morning after a bunch of us got drunk.

I hope he remembered to shave..... and where you guys go to drink? in town?
Man, i wish i was there to see that... o well, sounds like this should be some good times.
They provide you with everything you need for class.
For all you guys in Chilliwack an going there.

1 Platoon > all of you  ;D
DUDE! I just heard your heading to one of the courses!
And you all kitted up.
Way cool!
About freeking time eh? LOL!
Let me know how things go...I'm right behind yah.

As for good times, prepare to take alot of sh*t before having fun. Also I doubt an electric razor will do for morning inspections on your face and in the drawer
Half the fun is going through the crap with your buddies......