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CAF Vet Among Those Charged in Belize Shootings

Bumped with the latest: Off you go, then!
"Ex Canadian Military Turned Accused Murderer Gets Off"
Bumped with the latest: back in Canada, mulling litigation ...
"Canadian Suspect Claims Theft"
He's the 43-year-old ex-Canadian soldier who was accused of a double murder and mass shooting but got free with help from attorney Dickie Bradley and the support of his fiancee. Now, John Roy Smith is back in Canada and vowing to sue the Belizean police for what he alleges is theft and torture ...
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More from the Belize gov't ...
On Monday we told you that 43-year-old ex Canadian soldier, John Roy Smith was freed of a double murder charge stemming from a mass shooting, and now he's planning on suing the police department for what he calls theft and torture.

Today, the minister said he was actually puzzled by the decision to drop the charges, and that in any other country, just driving the getaway car would lead to him being charged.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs
"I saw the gentleman mention that, but I am a bit puzzled by it, because first of all I am puzzled by the fact that the director of public prosecutions, I know that she has full conduct of the file and I would have to take her lead and her guidance on it, but I was actually surprised when it was that they drop the charges against him, in the first instance. I was surprise by that, because anywhere else in the world, you drive the getaway vehicle for individuals who just shot up a nightclub and killed individuals, you will be charged and so I would have to sit with the DPP to see what the rationale was in the first place to have him released." ...
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