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Canada’s Naval Reserve celebrates centennial in 2023

Bring back the Wavy Navy! ;)
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Bring back the Wavy Navy! ;)
There was joke, in the 1930s, when the Navy had three components: the RCN, the RCNR who were professional sailors on a sort standby for active service - often in Canada a sort ion 'fishermen's reserve - and the RCNVR, akin to today's Naval Reserve. The joke went:
1. The RCNVR are gentlemen pretending to be sailors;​
2. The RCNR are sailors pretending to be gentlemen; and​
3. The RCN are neither pretending to be both.​

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Happy Birthday young pups, Navy League celebrated it's 125th birthday in 2020. Even the RCN is only 113 years old.