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CFAT length


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Hope you all are doing well, so I've seen on the forces.ca there is an article on how to prepare for CFAT it states :

  • Each section is timed, and presented in order (i.e., you cannot navigate between these sections during the test):
    • Verbal Skills – 15 questions (5 minutes).
    • Spatial Ability – 15 questions (10 minutes).
    • Problem Solving – 30 questions (45 minutes).
Then there is another link on the forces.ca which takes you to a practice CFAT mentioning that :

Section 1. Verbal Skills (5 minutes)
Section 2. Spatial Ability (10 minutes)
Section 3. Problem-Solving Skills (30 minutes)

So is it 30 min your 45 min for the problem-solving section?

Thank you
Last I knew the CAF website is actually vetted and reviewed by CAF Recruiting Staff.
The link to practice the CFAT is done by civilian programmers.
Trust the CAF link; but if you are concerned with this, ask your local recruiting Centre as they are the actual authority (i.e. any answers here are unofficial and you really should ask your recruiting centre).