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Close Combat Vehicle: Canada to buy another AFV (& keeping LAV III & TLAV)

From tanknet

In addition to the 44 CV90/35 bought earlier from Netherlands Estonia buys 35 CV90 hulls and 2 driver training vehicles from Norway.
The hulls are going to be transported to Estonia and then converted to various roles.  Article mentions med-evac, indirect fire support (120mm mortars), command, communications, AA, logistics as possible uses.

EDIT: the price was practically free 0.6M EUR from the lot

It's due to the ongoing CV90 upgrade project where the turrets of our old CV9030Ns are refurbished/upgraded and then fitted to new MKIII hulls. As for the old hulls, funds only allowed for the convertion of 32 of these to CEVs and multi-role/mortar carriers, which leaves us with alot of surplus MKI hulls, and in Norway that means they're up for sale.

The hulls from Norway are  older (MkI from 2000 or so) than MkIII  bought from Netherlands.
I believe the Netherlands deal was 113M EUR for 44 CV90 + support vehicles: two Biber  armored vehicle launched bridges, two armored recovery vehicles, and two armored engineering vehicles. So depending how you value support stuff somewhere 2-2.5M EUR per CV90.