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Comparing the Combat Arms (Inf vs. Engr vs. Armd vs. Arty)

It's really your own decision... nobody here can decide for you but can assist in helping you find the right choice. As George said, review the forums of the trades interest you. A lot of people will say Infantry, and a lot will say Armoured. Choose the option that suits you best and go from there.

Cheers and good luck
hey guys,

I'm just looking for some people that have only been in either one of these trades and just wondering ur likes and dislikes of ur trade. (of infanteer or combat engineer(EOD i think its called right?)


I think EOD means explosive ordnance dispoal which is one of the engineers tasks. Also if you do a little bit of searching you'll find that there are threads on camparing the combat arms.
EOD is only one little facet of a Combat Engineer's life.
While some might say that I am prejudiced.... The Sapper's life's for me!

Zack said:
hey guys,Zack
Have a read of this for Cbt Engr info: http://forums.army.ca/forums/threads/22088.0.html
I have a question regarding, specifically, Op Archer and the specialized training. Taking into consideration the fact that this is an urban environment and the enemy is embedded into the environment, how does this change the dynamics of the roles and the training for the combat arms teams?
Another question I have is how "American" are we in this respect? Are we adopting the American way?
Uhhhh - and what way is that?
what is "the american way"?
By stating "the American way", I am referring to tactical strageties, equipment and the general ethos and directive of our military's command as it relates to Operation Archer. Again, taking into account the dynamics of our new enemy and the densely populated, urbanized environment. What steps is our military taking to effectively prepare our soldiers for this circumstance? Are we learning from the mistakes of our U.S. counterparts as well as utilizing and incorporating their successful tactical measures into our own, unique military machine.

My questions are geared primarily towards the training, tactical and operational aspects of command for our combat arms team in the field.

I hope this clarifies your concern.
Recce41 said:
Sorry i hurt feelings, but after having to hearing people complain from the res how come i have to do this, and that and why so long. i had it you train to win and be equals so train the same. and which tours were 25%. Most is 15%. Ive been around for 7 so i like to know.

All Bull**** aside I'd have to agree SOME reservists tend to be like that but others are cool in my books. Doesnt help they get thier gun/CADPATs before the reg force though.
I have recently submited my app for cf reserve. I have always wanted to be infentry but now am thinking of art because there is a unit here in lethbridge a.b

my question is this. If i choos to go infentry i have to go to calgary am i able to do this, and is it a good idea.

also do reserves take there kit home when not on base??
thank you gentlemen
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I recently put in my application for the reserves... My primary interest was/is infantry. I want to blow stuff up & shoot as many guns as possible I was told to put down a second and third choice on the application. My vision may not be v3 or better. I've done a bunch of research about all trades. I would like to know if engineers or artillery gets to blow up more stuff. I guessing I'll find out more info as the application process progresses. Just being a keener.
Hmmm.... Bureaucrats get to blow a lot of hot air :)
Artillery seems interesting after reading countless posts. Anyone in a artillery postion with the reserves? I've got a few dozen questions!
Is there much work overseas for an arty guy? Artillery seems very similar in some respects to infantry.... Am I mistaken? Do they issue the amazing sarcasm/humor at BMQ/SQ?  ;D
Samsquanch said:
Artillery seems interesting after reading countless posts. Anyone in a artillery postion with the reserves? I've got a few dozen questions!
Is there much work overseas for an arty guy? Artillery seems very similar in some respects to infantry.... Am I mistaken? Do they issue the amazing sarcasm/humor at BMQ/SQ?  ;D
Arty like infantry?... No.  most gunners apply their trade from a couple of Kms behind the Forward edge of battle (with M777 155mm guns they can be even further back)... note that if the guns are suddenly at the pointy end of things... the infantry & co haven't been doing their job :)

is there work overseas?... up until Afghanistan, we really didn't deploy the guns, there is little need for artillery in the peacekeeping role - while there is one in the peacemaking role....

Amaazing humour & sarcasm?.... naw - you must be talking about the humble sapper & the Corp of Engineers ;)
Sorry Geo but I'm gonna have to challenge you on this one, not that the Arty guys are like Inf but on a couple of other things there.
Yea you could argue the point about the guns being further back than the FEBA but I'm not so sure there is such a thing in the COE now is there ?Don't get me wrong, theres always going to be a main effort and places where they expect the bad guys to be concentrated but I think maybe the really only safe area (or safer area) is KAF.
As for work overseas before Archer, Apollo, etc once again there were Gunners deployed with just about(my caveat) every BG that went over anywhere. Whether deployed as a Mortar Pl or LO's even an Inf Coy a couple times I think, just cause you don't see a gun sitting there doesn't mean there's not gunners.
For our guys being like Inf like I said earlier not so much, but our FOO/FAC guys are right up there with the Coy doing there thing and usually after a bit of time working up there with the Inf and the Inf guys showing them some stuff I don't think they're a liability in any way and just about any young guy who wants to go to the OPs gets up there so.....
Anyhow just thought I'd chime in on that one.....
I can gripe....... people have been leaving the Sappers out of Combat Arms for lord knows how long... and then, suddenly, they need us :)

I left out the Peacekeeping missions cause, for the most part, those missions were somewhat lame and even the infantry didn't get to do very much infantry....

Yes the Mortars, the LOs and the FOO/FACs are all up there at the pointy end - as witnessed by the FOO who got it last summer.... Yes, the FEBA is somewhat theoretical in defenition and even the truckers & storemen are within harms reach BUT, for the most part, the Gunner's infantry training is a little thin.

Arty Ubique = All over the place
Engineer Ubique = Everywhere!