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Component Transfer ( CT ) - Reserve to Regular



Allow me a little rant if you will. Several months ago, I put in the forms for a component transfer to the regular forces. Now after about a month (officer‘s comments, signed off by the CO) the file was sent to the Recruiting Center. This was approximately early October. In late December I received a call from the recruiting center. I went in for yet ANOTHER interview, medical and PT test in early January. Now I am waiting. Does this seem a little strange to anyone? It‘s been 6 months and nothing has happened. The recruiting center says it‘s be "processed" in Ottawa.
Now, I see on the news that the Forces are trying to recruit some 7200 regular force members. Now logically speaking, would‘nt they try to speed up the process a little? I want to make a career of the Army, but geez I can only go so long. The Reserves are barely providing enough income for me, I can‘t get another full time job, because most of them want me to work weekends. I have to keep up in the Reserves, otherwise I will go NES, and this process will all start over again. Stressful or what? I think the military has to come up with a faster, more efficient way to go through this process. At this rate, if they recruit 7200 people this year, they won‘t get into the Forces until 2003!!! The whole process is, pardon my french, a pain in the derriere.


Don‘t lose faith or sight of your goal. Oddly enough, component transfer is one of the few admin procedures which is identical in Reg/Res F. You are not alone, in wondering why it takes so long. The biggest hurdle for Res F to RegF is, usually, the security checks. Your security chk for Res F is minimal/cursory, at best, and the Reg F one is more detailed. It is, I understand, only done by RCMP in Ottawa, and they are responsible for ALL chks for Fed Govt.(that is a bit of a work load!!) Something which might speed things up is to visit your Rec Centre to inquire on progress, and at the same time, get yourCO/BOR involved making inquiries. It dont make sense why it takes so long, but it is worth the wait!
I believe the 6 month wait is not normal.I applied for Reg F and it took less than a month to do the security check, only, it took 5 months before i could do my med because they had the wrong phone number( and i wrote it the right way on my papers).Oh yeah thats without counting teh fact that they lost my college report card and they said i didnt give it to them but i did.But this doesnt surprise me in a world where no body wants to take responsability for his actions.
I am a new NMC in the reserves and have been thinking more and more about reg force. I know that I want to get there eventually and that I want a career (hopefully as an officer) I am slated for the 8 week QL2/3 course this summer but I want to transfer to reg force for several reasons. One is that I do not want to incurr any more student loans and doing a term of service will provide me with the opportunity to save money to return to school after the term and get my degree. Another up side is the apparent lack of reserve training and I have heard through several channels that having regular force memeber serve in the reserves afterwards is a great boost to the level of experitse for the units. So I will have the opportunity to be an asset to my regiment when I return and go to school.

One major problem right now is that I am worried that 8 weeks in training is NOT going to get me the same level of training as someone who has joined regular force and has gone through the full 26 weeks of training. (of however long the full training period is for infantry) In fact I am positive that there is not the same level of competence there because the time is just not put in.

The only thing that concerns me right now is that I do not know if it is a good idea in the sense that if I serve as an NCM on a tour, return to the reserves, if I will be able to re-enter regular force service as an officer afterwards? Can anyone provide me with some feedback on this?

Also, I am wondering about the level of fitness required for the regular force courseload. I have hearing that the regular force course for infantry is much harder than the reserves course. Not simply longer in duration. So any feedback on what I should be able to accomplish in terms of physical fitness standards would be greatly appreciated. Is the information provided to me by recruiting sufficient? (19 pushups does not sound sufficient, neither does 35 situps) The running is probably the hardest part which I am training for. Between the shin splints and such I swim and use the elyptical trainer at the gym. I am not in the greatest shape right now but I am not in terrible shape either.


you stated:
"The only thing that concerns me right now is that I do not know if it is a good idea in the sense that if I serve as an NCM on a tour, return to the reserves, if I will be able to re-enter regular force service as an officer afterwards? "

Yes you would be able to return to the regular force and serve as an officer, however you would have to go through officer training. Have you considered RESO? Go to university, and train to be an officer at the same time. During the winter you would be a part of a reserve unit and attend university. During the summer you would recive the same training as a regular force officer. In fact you would be on course with UTPNCM, ROTP, and DEO candidates.
I agree completely with the above advice. RESO is a great way to acheive your dream of getting your degree, while having some independance to a degree. Plus, you still have the opportunity of serving on a tour through your reserve unit upon the completion of your studies.

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I was looking at Fusiliers post about transferring from reserve to reg force and am wondering about my decision to transfer to reg force. I am planning on getting that process started tomorrow (today by the time you all probably get to read this) . Anyhow, I don‘t really want to go on the 8 week course when I should be trying to get on the 26 week course that the reg‘s take. I finished my processing in October of this year and hope it doesn‘t take that long to transfer. My semester at college ends in April or May and then I am available for reg force. I am gonna go with it because I do not have the highschool requisites for ceotp or reso so I am planning on upgrading my highschool level courses while I am in. After that, I will apply for reso or ceotp while I finish my degree.

How long do you think it could take to process this transfer even though my screening was done in October?

hello every one i have a question i have just compleated my ql2 and am going on my 3s this summer i was wondering if i tansferd to the regs as priviet traind and im going from reserve infantry to reg armored if i would have to do a reg force ql2 and if my time in the reserves would count as time towards my corprals?
I know a guy that transfered from the reserves to the PPCLI. They made him pass through the Battle School, but he did not have to do his 2‘s again. Then again he had over three years behind him. They may look at your file and decide you need to do the reg force GMT----a much longer and tougher course. Your time in the reserves is calculated using some formula. Your short time may count for a few days regular service.
You may get to bypass your basic but you will not get much time toward your Cpls‘. All 1/2 day class A service counts as a 1/4 day, a full class A day counts as a 1/2 day. A typical month of reserve service(with two weekends and 4 trg nights) would total 3 days Reg service. Class C service counts 1 for 1, so get as much as you can! It take a while to add up so if you keep track of all your time at work, you can pretty much figure out what they‘ll offer you. Good luck.

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Last week I decided to transfer from the Reserves to the Regular Forces. I am waiting for my component transfer to go through. Due to my full-time civilian job, I was unable to complete my QL3. My recruiter has informed me that as soon as my transfer is signed off they will begin the process to get me into Basic Training, etc. My goal is to be assigned to RMS Clerk.
I have a few questions which I am hoping you guys can answer:
1. How many weeks will it take before I will begin receiving full-time pay? The recruiter told me it should take 4 weeks before I am sworn in again and offered a placement in Basic Training, but could it actually take a lot longer?
2. I am married, so I would like to know if recruits in Saint Jean are given any time off during the 10 weeks that would allow me to visit my wife or have my wife visit me off base?
Well question 1 I can‘t answer but question 2 I can. The first 4 weeks of basic you will not be allowed off. You will be Confined to barracks. Which actually isn‘t that bad. But after those 4 weeks if your cleaning stations and common areas are good throughout the week you will be given your weekend or part of it off if you messed something up. Real bummer when you lose it. But if your wife is flying out from somewhere to see you usually they take is special consideration because of how much it costs.

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Need some help.

I‘m in the res right now and will be going reg force in the next year or so. I‘ll have BOTP/CAP-R done before I make the transfer. Would I have to take Phase 1 for the reg force all over again or can/will I be exempted from it? Anyone know from personal experience?
I was Ph III qualified when I transferred. Initially, the CFRG wanted me to do BOTC (Ph I). This was eventually changed and I was given full recognition for the courses I had completed. I learned a few things that may be of value to you.

  • It did not seem to matter that I had done the Reg Force Trg, beside Reg Force students, under Reg Force Instructors. The deciding factor, for BOTC by-pass, was having been on course (specifically Ph I & II) for a minimum number of consecutive days. When I did Ph II, it was conducted in two parts and each part was a separate course. Neither course was long enough to meet the minimum number of days the CFRG wanted to see. However, these courses were run back-to-back with only a weekend between them. I had also come straight off of RESO I when I started Ph II. Those observations satisfied the CFRG.
  • As a reservist, there was no Reg Force trg available beyond the Ph III level. All the courses I had done after Ph III did not affect my standing after the component transfer.
  • None of the Trg I did before becoming an officer affected my standing after the component transfer.
  • There are people (Adjt, Chief Clerk) at your unit who should be able to answer all the questions you have and provide advice. Even if they don‘t have the answers, they do have access to people (Bde G1 staff) that can provide more information.
  • Speak to your recruiter. They can tell you what equivalencies you may get and you may be able to provide further information that will make a difference.
Thanks for the help. My concern is that I‘ll do the BOTP/CAP-R this summer and then, upon joining reg force next fall/winter, have to do it all over again the following spring/summer -- which would be a huge pain the @ss. I just talked to a recruiter and he seems to think that phase 1 would be waived, but he couldn‘t say for sure.
Not sure if it will help any, but Pha ! REG has been increased recently to 14 weeks. They have split the initial BOTC (basic officer training course) into two, with the initial 8 first weeks being IAP (Initial Assessement Period) and the other 6 being BOTP.

For RMC folks, only 10 weeks total is done in st-jean, the rest is done through the college.

So, assuming you do roughly the same amount of time, I dont see an issue, expect for the general apprehension in allowing a rank to remain substantive during a cross from res to reg. If I were you, Id do BOTP in reg... .but it depends if you want an easy ride or not :)
I‘m looking at the schedule for officer training for this summer in Gagetown and the first phase lasts for 9 weeks -- but broken down into 4 distinct modules. This allows the ofcdts, who can‘t get the whole summer off, to do modular training (i.e. 2 weeks here, 2 weeks there, etc, across the entire year).

After this initial phase, we then do CAP-R (either in the winter or next spring), which is 5 weeks long.

Either way you cut it, the whole thing comes to 14 weeks. At least, that‘s the way it looks now. Apparently, these change all the time, and so do the course names/codes.
I‘m not sure whether the rank would be an issue. For example, chaplains are given a rank of either Capt or Maj, depending upon their level of qualification, even during the initial phase.
Thanks for the help. My concern is that I‘ll do the BOTP/CAP-R this summer and then, upon joining reg force next fall/winter, have to do it all over again the following spring/summer -- which would be a huge pain the @ss. I just talked to a recruiter and he seems to think that phase 1 would be waived, but he couldn‘t say for sure.
You should be able to ace it all then no??