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Component Transfer ( CT ) - Reserve to Regular

I did a search an it didnt find anything on this so

In a while, I might transfer from Reserve to Reg Force(hopefully Armoured Recce) an I was wondering how long would one of these typically take? an would I have to redo all of my tests?

also, would the BMQ an SQ courses I took as a rsv(taking them this summer) still be "good" or would I have to to the reg force "version" of them

thanks for the info
The best people to ask about this is your local CFRC. Just call them up and ask them it shouldn‘t take more than a 10 min phone call to get the info you need.
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There are a couple other topics out there, I‘m sure, but they didn‘t come up in my search.

I‘m also thinking of going to the regs, but probably not for 2 or 3 more years..
I have heard from recruiters that you need to give yourself at least 6 months lead time from when you apply to when you want to be in REG. That said, it will likely take 10 months. I‘m doing the same thing at the Offr level.

Word of advice to anyone out there -- it is far easier to go straight into Reg Force than to transfer from Res to Reg.

You may have to do the tests all over again, but you will not likely have to do all the courses. But, there is no general rule. I‘ve been told that they look at course exclusions on a case-by-case basis.

Best of luck!
I‘m planning on doing a componet transfer to the Reg Force soon, since I‘ll be graduating from High School this year

anyways, how long does one usually take?
I get to redo all my tests right?
I‘ve heard many recruiters say it‘s easier and faster to quit the reserves then join the reg force as a civilian.
oh, I thought it would have been easier to transfer then to join as a civilian

I‘m talking to my plt commander/recruiter on thursday about the transfer, I‘ll see what he says
You would think so eh?
Rule one about the military. What seems like logic, isn‘t.
Had a civie friend join infantry, took 4 months. Had a reserve friend fresh off tour with 3rcr put in a component transfer (TO 3rcr), took him over a year.
I‘ve heard that as well... There was a point when I was going to join the militia in high school, then transfer to the regs when I graduated. Time and again I was told its better to wait a bit, then go for reg force from the start.
Good Afternoon , curious to know how easy or difficult it is to switch from the Reserves to Regular ?
Trade being 031

Thanks :D
BD1, I believe you should write a memo. I‘m thinking I‘ll be writing one soon too.
From what I understand, and from what is occuring to a couple members of my unit, a transfer could take 1 or 2 years to complete. They need to verify and compare your qualifications to that of reg force and although this seems simple to you and me it apparently is not. And no it doesn‘t matter that they need reg force numbers right now.
From what I am told you are better off getting out and re applying as joe blow new recruit.
Born, but then the Verification of prior service will take forever.
not if you don‘t tell them you were in before, this is just what i was told
Does anyone know if you can get a transfer from the reserves to join the regular force? :cdn:
yes, you can do a componet transfer from the Reserve to the Reg Force. You just need your basic training done to be able to transfer.

When you transfer though, you may need to redo a course or two. For example, if your a R031(reserve infantry NCM) and want to go a 031(Reg Force Infantry) your have to redo BIQ and possibly SQ

It takes time though for it all to go through.
Ummm, I don‘t think it is quite that simple. A lot of it is calculated on your time in, as opposed to qualifications....
I‘m sure time in plays a part aswell, but this is what I‘ve been told about a CT.
I‘m going through right now.
it all depends on qualifications, and time in. I‘ve got 2 years in, res. biq qualified, jump, comms, and I‘m a cpl now. they told me if I got the dp2a, or 4 vehicles for driver‘s, they would have shoved me straight into 3 RCR. but I have to do the biq over again. so that‘s how it worked for me.