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Considering career in QYRANG


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Hi all I am going to join the reserves in about 2 years and I apologize if this has already been answered but I couldn't find any information on this specific subject. I wanted to know what its like and what you do as an armoured crewman/soldier in the queens York rangers and if its armoured recon etc. I'm sorry about the stupid question but I don't really know a lot about the military. I'm 14 so I am planning to join the reserves once I'm finished tenth grade.



One more:
He's 14 and his writing is already better than most 20+ year olds I know...

I may have a few other trades in mind...
Thanks  :). I kinda already checked out the links but it makes sense now. I decided I want to work towards armoured reconnaissance. I had another question, I already checked this but I was still kind of confused. Do the queens york rangers do just armoured recce`or other roles too. Also when i  turn 16 would they give me the combat driving license (sorry I forgot what it was called)or train me towards it immediately or depending on what career I choose?
war2001v said:
Do the Queen's York Rangers do just armoured recce

Their role is Armoured Recce - if one can consider a four-wheeled soft-skinned vehicle to be "armoured".

You need to get the unit's name right, though. It's worth a lot of marks on the final exam.

war2001v said:
Also when i  turn 16 would they give me the combat driving license (sorry I forgot what it was called)or train me towards it immediately or depending on what career I choose?

I do not believe that you can actually join until you are 17, but as I am a little past that age I no longer pay attention to minimum ages for anything. You should be able to find information regarding course content and sequence here, but driving will not be the first thing that you do.

Keep exploring this Site, and you'll find answers to questions that have not even occurred to you yet.
Thanks to both of you loachman and soccer play and everyone else who replied. You were right I did find alot of info I didn't even think about but was really important on the forums and the links. It was really helpful. On an unrelated note, when I was going through the armored soldier page on the forces website I saw the "specialty" training for the armored soldiers. I was just wondering what the assault troop for armored soldiers do and if its available to reservists? Sorry If its a stupid question. Thanks again and kudos. ;D
war2001v said:
Thanks to both of you

You're welcome.

war2001v said:
Loachman ... armoured soldier

Attention to detail is important.

Yes, these instances are minor, and I am not error-free, but one must do one's best to get things right. Start early, and make it a habit for life. Sometimes, small details become critical.

war2001v said:
I was just wondering what the assault troop for armoured soldiers do and if its available to reservists?

I am not Armoured, but I believe that these do not exist anymore.

You can stop apologizing. You are obviously researching and thinking - more than a lot do. Continue.
Sounds to me like you have a good plan in mind for what you would like to do. There have been many times that people have said that the only stupid question is the one that was never asked. It is a great policy to ask questions when you want an answer but it is also important to think the question/problem through first.

Hope that when you do join it goes smoothly and that you enjoy your time.
Thanks all. I was wondering why I could barely find any information on assault troops. About the spell check I was confused to whether it was spelled armour or armour. Thanks for clearing it up. :)
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Wow this thread got a lot more replies than I expected. Thanks to everyone that took their time to help me, I've learned a lot. I had another question but I wasn't sure if this should go in the BMQ section or if I should just continue this thread. If you wish I can move this post to the BMQ section. Onto the question; I was watching a youtube series called "Basic Up"  which basically explained life in BMQ but only for regular forces. I was just wondering how BMQ for reserves works and if it's divided into training nights/weekends or into months (or if we can choose) as I am still planning on staying as a full time student so I was hoping it wouldn't interfere with school (though I am fine for going away during summer), thanks! ;D
You're welcome. People are happy to help those with the right attitude.

You should be able to find lots of BMQ information on this Site.