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Cpl Jordan Anderson, 3PPCLI: 04 July 2007 (GO!!!)

Wow. Almost ten years and I'm still waiting for him to post. :cdnsalute:
recceguy said:
Wow. Almost ten years and I'm still waiting for him to post. :cdnsalute:

For some reason I was drawn to this thread once again tonight.I enjoyed Jordan's posts and his dedication and love for his service to Canada.I found this you tube video memorializing his life.We have lost so many fine men and women in this war. :salute:

I miss GO!!!!!!

One day Jordan, you and I will debate about Regs and Reserves again.  Rest well brother, you will need it for when I get there!!!!!!


While this occurred a year and a half ago, I haven't seen it anywhere on army.ca.  Jordan Anderson has had a lake in Saskatchewan named after him (as have Nicola Goddard and Byron Greff).

Bumped with word of what could be a coming tribute in Inuvik ...
A road at Mike Zubko airport that the Canadian Forces asked the town to name on its behalf will be called Anderson Road in memory of Cpl. Jordan Anderson, who died serving Canada in Afghanistan in 2007 and went to school in Inuvik.

Town Council had put forward eight names and asked residents to vote on their preference. The road runs through the Canadian Forces terminal and the Department of Defence asked the town to name the road in December.

Now that the vote is concluded, a motion will be presented to town council for approval at an upcoming meeting.
A meaningful acknowledgement by the members of Iqaluit’s Council.

“Andy’s” death was an incredible loss, as were all those who were killed in Afghanistan. Jordan was an incredibly intelligent and hard working soldier...he was doing university studies in his spare time while in tour. He would have excelled at anything he put his mind to. RIP Jordan! :salute:
Hamish Seggie said:
... here in Winnipeg, you get streets named after you if you're a good sports star.
In the US, they name bases after Confederate Generals/Colonels (some particularly incompetent!) who killed loyal American soldiers.  :pop: