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Cpl Jordan Anderson, 3PPCLI: 04 July 2007 (GO!!!)


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Go!!! my friend,

Light winds and soft landings, I will remember you.

To Jordan's family, friends, and fellow soldiers my condolances and prayers.

We have lost a great man.

I'll miss our sparring sessions.

Damnit Go!!!!!!  :mad:

I'll see you when I see you brother.... May your landings always be soft!
GO!!!, despite our frequent and sprited discussions, I was sorry to see you leave Army.ca.  Now I am sorry to see you leave our profession of arms.  You were nothing if not passionate about being a soldier and I'm sure from your writings that you would look after your troops.  During our exchanges, you never hesitated to give me a soldier's perspective, all the while being mindful that I was at NDHQ.  You probably thought you were "helpng" me.  ;D Nonetheless, we conversed as Infantrymen in a straightforward, no punches pulled manner.

Yesterday, a good, articualte and passionate soldier was lost.  To St. Michael's ranks you go, as heaven is yours to guard now.

To the Anderson family and friends of Jordan and the PPCLI, I offer my sincerest condolences.
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Posted on behalf of I6:

My condolances and a prayer to Jordan's family.

I've lost teammates and friends before but not like this. Jordan was abnoxious, he made no mistake in telling people if he thought they where fucked up in his experience.

But he found out that guys had DHTC shooting experience and soaked it like a sponge -- he came out on weekends to shoot to learn from guys. I'm bawling like a moron here -- unashamedly --

But maybe please add this to the other bit you added for me... (-- I'm not ashamed for the tears -- my RSO here wondered what was up and I told him...

He was not my best friend - but a close one -- and you dont find a lot of warriors like him in the CF anymore


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For all the times you and I have tussled,   I will miss you brother.

Save the seat next to you, for me,  at the big mess.



Final paper edit for you. Your ideas were often controversial, your thought process at times disjointed, your grammar and spelling at the beginning terrible but the many hours working with you more than made up for it.



We will always remember YOU!!!

I wish you fair winds and a soft landing - God spee

GO!!! You made an impression here at Army.Ca. Sometimes good sometimes bad but you were always heard and made your presence felt.

Fair winds and following seas Jordan.


although I never had the privlige to meet you, I always felt that you were a friend. We will miss you buddy  :salute:  :cdn:
GO!!!! made no secret of his opinion of MPs however, through the common bond of working towards a degree on our own time, we were able to move past that and develop a relationship of mutual respect.  Although frequently controversial, I always looked forward to his posts (particularly his frantic requests for assignment proofreads with the submission deadline looming!  ;D) and I marvelled at the personal growth shown by his writing through the time he was posting. 

I was awed by his determination to achieve the goals he set for himself and his ability to continue when others would have given up the fight. 

I felt his departure from army.ca was a great loss to the board but I always held out the hope that he would return once his tour was complete...sadly, this is not to be the case.

My condolences to his family, friends and Regiment.
My condolences go out to his family and friends.

RIP Jordan.

I knew Jordan through his posts here as Go!!!

You are beeing missed, Go!!!

To Jordan's family, friends, and fellow soldiers my condoleances.
I had a few interesting PM conversations with him.  The guy spoke his mind, honest and
direct.  RIP.  My condolences to his family, his unit, and his friends.
A heartfelt goodbye goes out to GO!!!, his family, friends, and colleagues.

Often have I regretted my speech, never my silence

You will be greatly missed.