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Credit Check Superthread- Merged Topics

I don‘t actually know this, but I do know that they do a Security Check on your history, and that does include a check on your personal credit history. Basically CFRC told me that it‘s just to check if your trustworthy. If your in a low income situation, I don‘t think that should pose a problem at all, unless you owe people big time.
when I was doing my interview, he asked me some question like.. do I have any credit card? student load? I am not sure what are those question for... but all of my answer is NO. KeKe
Don‘t quote me on this, however, members of the CF all undergo, at minimum, the "enhanced" clearance for security purposes, the same as any other Federal government worker.

Enhanced is simply a reliability check involving a CSIS check to see if you are a known terrorist, and ensuring your address and job history is complete with no gaps. There MAY be a credit check, to ensure no outstanding or recent bankruptcies.

"Secret" is the next level up, and involves a slightly lengthier check, of police databases, and for certain the credit check.

All I know about "top secret" is that most people don‘t have it, it takes a long time to get, and they are in fact, VERY thorough.

I believe "secret" clearance is mandatory for a comms course.

The exposure an "enhanced" level employee/soldier has to sensitive data is quite limited. The secret Tim Horton‘s coffee recipe is off limits, I‘m quite sure... :) At most, you will handle information such as records regarding other employees/soldiers, such as training or attendance records, PRI/SN‘s, etc. ("protected a" and "b" stuff). You don‘t get into anything interesting or remotely risky until "secret" level.

I‘m sure an INT pers could correct me or fill in details.

I have only applied for Secret once, for an intelligence job with my civvi employer (customs), and since I didn‘t get the position, they didn‘t send the check in. I‘ve done that security check so many times it‘s ridiculous.
Depends - do you have bad credit, or no credit?

The Enhanced Reliability Check does run a credit report on you. If you have a history of not paying your bills, getting evicted because you can‘t make rent, banks cancelling your credit cards, bankruptcy in the past seven years - well, you probably won‘t be seen as very reliable.

Now, if it‘s just that you don‘t have any liabilities, because you‘ve never had a loan or a credit card, then it is a moot issue. You haven‘t done anything to build a credit rating, but you also haven‘t destroyed it.


‘Secret‘ is Level II. Level I, or ‘Confidential‘ is the next step up from Enhanced Reliability.
Korus, thanks for the clarification. I usually end up only having to check the "Enhanced" box on the form.

They used to have a category just for us airport workers, but they took that off the form lately.

I know that level II can take 3-6 months, and top secret up to a year, to get clearance, depending on how accessible your records are.
They also have to check that, if you get your requested job/trade within the Canadian Forces, that you will be able to pay off your debts with your new level of income. Also, you can lose your job in the Canadian Forces if your debt gets out of hand. There are services on base to help you manage your debt and other money issues for serving personnel.
I‘ve seen posts about this before, but I‘d like some info if anyone can give it. I‘m 27, no criminal record, an Electronics Engineering Technologist, healthy, about to apply for Reg. Forces, as either SIG OP, FCS Tech, Naval Acoustics Tech. My problem is Money. I used to have a great paying job, but when the plant shut down, my finances went to **** in a handbasket. I haven‘t made more than $1000 a month since, and can‘t pay the stuff back, it‘s been about 4 years. I‘m down about $20,000. Maybe 25.

Anyways, I know they do a credit check. The thing is, If I got in, I could pay the stuff back. (Although that is NOT why I‘m joining). I‘m wondering if the check is written in stone, (if your credit is bad enough too bad for you), if there is a dollar value plateau for acceptance, if i go to a credit counsellor will that help or hurt, bankruptcy, does the recruiter/interviewer have final say? I feel that if I had the opportunity to explain the situation to anyone it might make a difference. Anything I find on the DND website or in my recruitment package is really vague. I‘ve heard a thousand different stories. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
I went in for my interveiw the other day, and the only thing thtey asked about finances is if I have ever had any creditors after me. What exactly they needed that for, I am not 100% sure. I don‘t think they will or will not hire you based on how much money you have in your bank account.

You may want to talk to a credit counsellor.. that way you can tell the recruiter that you have a plan for getting yourself on track.. I don‘t know for sure though. This is all purely speculation from this end...
I‘m in almost exactly the same boat. Except mine are student loans, and it hasn‘t been that long, but same idea. And I‘m hoping for the best in the next month or so when they decide if they‘ll take me or not.

One thing that is important, and this was impressed upon me by the recruiter, was having the bad listing on my credit report was a "show stopper" as he put it. Thats if they just look at the rating and have nothing else to go on. However, if you are still able to (depending on your relationship with the lender) make some sort of payments, then do so. With my application, I had to get the lender to write a letter saying we had reached an agreement, that the lender would not hold the CF responsible (although when mentioned this fact to the guy who I got to write the letter, he was like "why/how on earth would we do that"), and that payments were being made, no matter the size. Then I had to bring in a photocopy of the first money order I sent them, as proof that I was making payments. I‘m elgible for a signing bonus that would more than cover my debts, but that is not supposed to be mentioned in the letter (i.e. as a condition of your payment schedule). The Captain told me I can promise it to them and make whatever deal I want with them, just as long as it isn‘t in the letter.

It is a pretty lousy position though, I‘ll admit. You can‘t make payments without a job, and you can‘t get a job (with the CF at least), without making payments. As I‘m an Electrical Engineer (digital electronics), I know exactly the type of industry you‘re dealing with.

As for credit counsellor, it might not hurt. I‘ve never been to one, but if you could get someone to look over your situation and even provide some sort of reference letter about it to include in your file, it might not be a bad thing. I imagine bankruptcy would hurt your chances, but I‘m not completely sure. And the recruiter doesn‘t have final say, no. I think they can terminate your application if you‘re not found "suitable and competitive", but if you can get past the recruiter, you still have to get past whoever it is at Borden who selects people for each trade.
One thing about credit counsellors.. I would suggest making sure you see a non-profit credit agency.. That way you are sure the agency isn‘t out to make money over you. This way you can get information, etc. without having to pay for it..
Given the position you‘re in, what I‘d suggest is first to contact the creditors directly if possible and try to work out some payment arrangements with them directly. Make a plan with them and stick to it. If this doesn‘t work, seek credit counselling which may further negotiate on your behalf to get something structured for you.

Don‘t declare bankruptcy and try to avoid filing a consumer proposal, both of those will ruin your credit for seven years at least. If you have legitimate reasons for being behind and show initiative and commitment to your obligations there is a good chance lenders will be willing to work with you - after all, they want their money back!

(In civvie life I‘m a banker, so I have a bit of insight on things like this.)
Essentially, they want to make sure you don‘t skip payments, and that you haven‘t declared bankruptcy. I also think they look to see if you‘ve defaulted on any loans.

Follow the banker‘s advice ;)
Hi drteeth,

My application went through a similar problem as I had a large financial dispute. I showed the CF the documentation I had on the problem, and was able to show that I was being responsible and handling it, and my application was allowed to procede. So here are some steps I took with this problem that you may want to consider doing:

1) Read the ‘Free Trade Act‘ and the ‘Credit Act‘ Know and understand what your rights are! You can google it and find them online. (I believe those are the names, someone please correct me if I am wrong.)

2) Do your best to arrange payments, as best you can handle them. Look into a non-profit credit advisor if you feel it will help. (I did not do this myself as my problem was a dispute, not a dept)

3) Consider getting a legal representative.

Specifically in the ‘Credit Act‘, there is a law that states a credit agency is not allowed to contact you outside your legal representative. Or they will lost their license.

You can hold a legel rep, for very low cost as the credit agency will only write letters (if any), of which your legal rep will hand to you. As long as you write the response letter yourself, you will not get a big bill from the lawyer.

This is important for two reasons. First, you will no longer be harrassed by creditors. Second, the CF will probably like this because it shows you are handling the situation since you have a legel rep. This also means the CF not be getting any calls from a credit agency.

4) Start take care of this now! It took me a few weeks to obtain everything I needed to prove myself to the CF, and that is time I wish I did not lose.

P.S. If redeye thinks any of these points are a bad idea, then listen to him. He would know a lot more than I do. I am simply relating my experience with this kind of situation.
Pieman, that sounds reasonable enough to me. I don‘t know entirely what the CF will want to see, but it strikes me that as long as you have taken full responsibility for any outstanding obligations and make arrangements for them to be maintained in order, they would likely be satisfied. That seems to be what happened in your case.
Thanks alot everybody, especially pieman and redeye. I see credit posts on here everyonce in a while so I‘ll post what happens after i go through it all, hopefully good news.
Does anyone know when they do the credit check. Is it done at the same time as the ERC. I'm still waiting for fingerprints to come back. As far as what I was told that it's the only thing left to get back in my application process. Would appreciate any feedback.
It's done through the R.C. when they start your security check.