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Criminal Records Check - CRC (Merged)


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Buck_HRA said:
Sorry for the late post; I've been on course/TD/leave and haven't been the best at keeping up with my social media accounts.
In this event please note that it'll be the PSO (possibly RPSO) that will review your past and make recommendations. 
As Pusser said "a recruiter's job is to get people into the CAF, not keep them out"; recruiters are there to inform you along the way of the recruiting process and assist you along the way.


Quick questions

For  an MP, can you / will you be hired if you have past police history but no convictions? I was granted a conditional discharge 2 years 20 months ago for mischief; it'll be completed in March 2020 and wiped off my record. I have the required education for it, college diploma in police studies. I am a 30+ applicant in terms of age.  The mischief charge relates to events in 2011, but it took years through the court system. I was very through in regards to my previous issues related to my back round with my file manager and officer. 

Prior to applying I spoke to multiple recruiters and a Captain indicated to me in email that he has never seen an applicant with police history be hired as an MP, Feedback and thoughts on this would be appreciated?

I currently have a application in for Intel Operator; My file is with medical right now, and my file manager just communicated to me that my background has come back and they are just waiting for approval on it. When I applied there were fifteen spots open on it, but they look like most of them have been selected. My thoughts  are I might not be merit listed until April 1st,2020 and at such time I can then add MP to the selection list of occupations; hopefully I'll have a valid medical / clearance on file and then be short listed?

Curious as well; I've been told my CFAT scores are "average". I wrote the CFAT back in 2010. I spoke to my file manager and asked to rewrite as my academic ability has increased since I last wrote it and this time I can be more prepared. I wish to also "increase" my competitiveness and have a "higher" score for selection purposes. I got an email back from the detachment commander wanting to speak with me in regards to my rewrite request, he specified he wanted to "provide me with the most up to date information" before submitting the request. Good Sign / Bad sign?  Curious.

Info appreciated - Thanks.