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Criminal Records Check - CRC (Merged)



hello all..i am a newbie to this board....anyways i have done searches regarding this question but couldn‘t really find my answer so here goes....what if you have a criminal record as an adult for which you do not have pardons? will this exclude you from regular forces ? obviously i know you wouldn‘t be able to be an officer or get high security clearance but seeing as i don‘t have apardons will this exclude me from the service altogether ? i am 32 and have had no problems with the law for ten years and no judiciary obligations now... it just sucks that i made some really bad decisions when i was younger and am constantly paying for them...yes i do take full responsibility for all my actions and they were my own fault... but i have already applied thru the dnd website and am hoping for the best.

if anyone knows the answer i would appreciate any info.... thanx  :cdn:
As far as I know, you must have no "obligations to the legal system" to join the Canadian Forces.

To me, this means that you may not have a charge before the courts (and be on bail or release), be on probation or parole, or be wanted - obviously.

This doesn‘t mean that you cannot have a criminal record. I am guessing you probably need a pardon. Check with your local recruiter.

Depending on the nature of the conviction, they may or may not accept you. Again, talk to a recruiter.
Your security check might take a little longer then normal, but I don‘t think there would be a problem. They might want job references and a letter or essay from you explaining yourself, but 10 years was a long time ago and the recruiters would probably understand that you‘ve matured since then.

Good Luck!!
I am not the SME on this, but this is what I have been told and have read, and is based on my own personal experience.

Having a criminal record does not preclude you from becoming a member of the Canadian Forces, either Regular or Reserve, as an NCM or an Officer. You do not have to have a pardon, either. The CF simply requires that you are "of good character" and have no outstanding obligations to the legal system, which means a number of things including:
- family court issues
- pending charges
- outstanding fines
- are on probation, parole
- etc.

Having said all that, a criminal record will be one of the facts considered when you are being considered for acceptance. If you just got out of prison for attempted murder, your chances of being accepted are likely slim to none. If you were charged with a break and enter when you were 18, and have not been in trouble since, that is a different matter.

My own personal experience: I have a criminal record for impaired driving dating back to 1992, when I was 19. It did not keep me from joining the Reserves as an Officer. In addition, I am currently applying for transfer to the Reg Force, and my file will go before the selection board in May. Now, I was advised that although it will not automatically prevent me from being selected, it will be taken into account with all other facts in my file (education, experience, interview, etc.)

Hope this helps.
thanks.....okay well i am going ahead anyways...none of my crimes involved violence or anything like that and my references are a police officer and a customs officer so i guess i will just keep my fingers crossed cause i really want to join and i will just tell it like it is when i go for my appt. i am employed so it‘s not like i am joining cause i can‘t find a job..the army is the job i want !
The major issue to remember is that CSIS must clear you for a security clearance. For most NCM jobs this isnt an issue, but a basic officer requires Secret (at least Reg force, not sure about Res, I would assume its the same)

Secret normally requires a pardon for all convictions, but one such as DUI may be acceptable if its not all that recent, since it is fairly non-violent, and no further incidents have occured.

Keep in mind CSIS is now doing credit checks as well for clearances. If they think you are going to defraud the system, or your character is in doubt in any way, CSIS will decline you, and the forces will have to release you.

Sure you may get accepted in, since the forces will probably assume in most cases CSIS will accept. But its not DND that approves your clearance, its CSIS.
Best bet would be to look up clearance info on the web, on CSIS‘s home page. Ive looked at it before when I was going through the system.
A "pardon" means that you were convicted, but returned to the courts later on to clear your criminal record, correct?

Sorry, I‘m not up on the lawyer lingo...
actually you have to apply to the national parole board for a pardon following five years after you have served the sentence and any probation but it can take up to 18 months to process
I was wondering how much it matters if you have a youth record and apply to the forces. I‘m under the impression that
having a youth record doesn‘t affect you as an adult. But is the army different? For instance I‘m in the process for applying for the 291 trade and was wondering if this might affect my chances. Will I have to state that I have a young offenders record or not? Any help would be appreciated.
I don‘t think that would be a problem getting into the forces but it could well be a problem for the 291 trade because you need a top secret clearance. Depends on the offense(s) I‘m sure. I am positive that CSIS will have no problem finding out about your record whether you tell them or not.
Depending on the offence and when commited, you may be eligible for a pardon or waiver.

Check her for further info

Pardons & Waivers Experts

I applied for direct officer entry program, and of course it‘s taking ages to get any progress. I applied 8 months ago, not long by what I see here. I am finished my finger printing and am waiting for the security clearance. Now here is my problem, I have a criminal record! Nothing fancy, just mischief and a weapons offence(girlfriends pepper spray) and this was all 15 and 8 years ago respectively. How much is this going to affect my chances at becoming an officer? And what exactly would be a ‘deal-breaker‘ in my clearance check results, would it have to be murder or some drastic nonsense?
The weapons charge could be a deal breaker....depending on the details of the case and how deep they dig for those details.

Give them a call if you are concerned. Better to hear from the horses mouth than wait and worry.

Call your recruiting center, then CFB Borden for the security details regarding to your case.

I would also get the ball rolling to start an official Pardoning of your crimes. You can wipe your slate clean...
Yes, I am in the process of getting a pardon, but like getting into the military, I have to wait and wait some more. Thanks for the reply!
u have a crminal record?
i got convicted last year for a few charges. im on probation right now but should be off later this year. a pardon is out of the question for at least a few more years. so am i eligible to join once my probation is done?
theres a certain time limit involved and it depends on the situation, best bet would be talk to people from CFRC...