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De Havilland Cannada announces new calgary manufacturing facility

Or how about a turboprop version of the M-130 Clipper?

Wouldn't it be cheaper to just buy some CL-415s and paint them green?
No loading ramp, not pressurized, light range . . . Then again, it would be interesting to see the range - or airspeed - of a floaty Herc.

At least it's amphibious. I'm just seeing renderings, but I don't see images or mention of wheels on the Herc.
FWIW, the Germans made extensive use of seaplanes during the Norway invasion of 1940.

In some cases they used them to 'outflank' allied roadblocks on the E6, close to the coast. They seemed to have a range of challenges related to survivability though...

Just putting this as a Postscript.

A Japanese Avro type story.