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DEO in the Reserves...Kitchener area


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My family and I are moving to Kitchener in the late spring of 2007.  As an Ex- Infantry Reservist (1989-1994), I am keen on rejoining when I move and set down some roots.  Before I continue a bit of background:

As I was attending university and was not able to commit the adequate amount of time to my unit  I was granted an Honorable discharge in late 1994 from the PLF in Halifax. (For those that may be curious, prior to that I served with the Brockville Rifles).  In my last year of university, I began the process of applying for Air Nav in the Reg. Force, however they wanted me to finish my degree.  Funny thing was that right after graduation I was picked up by Air Canada for its YYZ Operations Control Branch (Current functions include: Communications, Load Control, Operations Safety).  I enjoy my work, and can see potential growth there, so not interested in leaving it.

I guess my questions are as follows:
1) After a bit of research I have found 3 units of particular interest in the area, (B Company, The Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada,
31 Combat Engineer Regiment (The Elgins), 705 (Hamilton) Communication Squadron) For proximity to my new home, the RHF B COY is the nearest, however, I am uncertain if my background and etc. would not be best suited as a Sig Officer or Egr Officer with the other two.  Back in the day, each unit needed officers of every calibre, and thus a Sig or Egr Officer would of been useful at any and all Infantry Regiment, but its been a long time and the focus might be more centralized...so any recommendations here?

2) Since I am fully employed (with some flex time due to shift work scheduling) would I not be able to develop my Officer training at the regimental level during weekly training, or has it been focused into going to St Jean for a extensive period of time?  I might have trouble getting the necessary time off if it is in excess of 5 weeks.  What's the process now?  the DND site doesn't state as clear an answer as I would like.  Often refers to Reg Officer training, but is not clear the exact time frame for Reservist Officer. 

3) Do any of the Regiments listed above (or even in Guelph area) have a particular need for more Officers?  Perhaps a bold question, but I am also interested in advancing my career at a steady pace, and if there is a glut of Officers (as there was at the Brockville Rifles in my day), moving up the ranks might be a very slow process indeed. Any advice if the number of Officers at a certain regiment actually makes a difference in the potential for advancement?

4) Finally, Since I won't be relocating to Kitchener till next late spring, I was thinking of beginning the recruitment process in January of 2007, as I don't believe it would serve any purpose for me to go sooner than this.  I couldn't make regular weekly appearances at my new Regiment until I was moved and though the enlistment process takes time, I don't recall it taking all that long.  Am I wrong here?  Should I begin the process sooner that later?

Thanks for your time and would appreciate any advice on the DEO process or the Kitchener area.  I have done a lot of research, but much of this has been repetitive and of a general nature.

Look up an individual on this site by the name of "Kincanucks".  He is a recruiter for the CF and can almost guarenteed answer any questions you may have.  I can tell you that in my old Unit, the 1st Hussars, we actually had a SigOp who "officially" belonged to a ResSig Squadron, but he paraded with us, and did ex's with us, but on paper he was the property of a Sig Squadron.

Tks!  Will contact him!  Also your comment about the Sig Op thats exactly the situation I was referring to (same sit. with the Brock's as yours) and thus was hoping that I may be able do something like this.  Might allow me to keep the focus I want but train closer to home...

Tks again.  SimsZG
All of your questions can be answered by contacting the units that you are interested in and there is a reason why there is not a lot of information of being an officer in the reserves on the DND site and that is because the reserves are responsible for the attraction of their applicants and every unit/area has a different way of training their officers.  This training is always changing.  Contact the unit(s) you are interested in.