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Donation for Short Leave

I have no idea if this is true, just read the accusation on Twitter. I suspect this is going to escalate quickly.

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It's not coercion unless they are withholding the normal short leave from the Christmas leave window, even then you could argue it's not an entitlement, just a common practice.

It's wrong, but it was pretty much inevitable it would happen given the way the GCWCC works. Every year the amount units are expected to raise increases, but we have less people, and many of those people have less free cash than they had in previous years.
This would appear to run counter to the purpose of Short Leave.

9.1.01 Policy​

The purpose of short leave is to provide a member of the Regular Force or of the Reserve Force on Class B or C Reserve Service with time away from their duties to:

  • compensate, in part, for long hours worked during extended periods of operations/training or working on normal days of rest;
  • allow for religious and spiritual observances;
  • allow for conduct of family-related obligations;
  • provide members with time away from their duties to conduct urgent personal business; or
  • reward exemplary work.
GCWCC racket strikes again. It's voluntary, until a scenario is fabricated where you have no other option but to donate or face the alternative.

Auctioning or ransoming Short Leave in exchange for donations, while an administrative grey area, is definitely a questionable ethical decision.

We have some folks here in Kingston declaring bankruptcy, using the food bank, and moving into a 3 bedroom house with 6 other people to make ends meet. Getting a shake down o donate to charity in exchange for Short is definitely not something a lot of folks want to face right before the holidays.
I don’t even get the whole racket? What is the repercussions of not making our target? We say “sorry, our folks haven’t received a cost of living adjustment either”? Maybe it’s embarrassing for the base commander?
I don’t even get the whole racket? What is the repercussions of not making our target? We say “sorry, our folks haven’t received a cost of living adjustment either”? Maybe it’s embarrassing for the base commander?
I honestly didn't even know there was a target.
All my donations go to animal rescue shelters. Our household pays more than enough taxes for government to provide social services for people.
👍🏼 Direct to shelter support and Canadian Cancer Society…the two close to heart issues for me. UW could pound sand for all I care. In my previous life (still in), I got read a bit for publicly, neutrally stating a position of non-endorsement of the GCWCC. I noted that every member of the unit should consider their choice as to how they wished to support any charity, as their own choice and theirs alone, and not to interpret any pressure from the CoC to use the GCWCC.
Things like this is why people vehemently hate the GCWCC. After my experience as a volunteer to run it for the unit, where we did some fun charity events with a fair bit of voluntary participation, did 30% better compared to the year before, then got run over the coals because some wanker set some arbitrarily high formation target, will never participate again, or donate through the program. It's slightly more work but would rather donate it directly instead to the charities I support.

The targets should be 100% canvassing, with whatever funds raised as an outcome (vice a KPI)..
I was once in a position where I was the boss and therefore responsible for NDWCC. I made it a crystal clear to the canvassers and the everyone else that charity was a private matter and that people were free to donate as much or as little (or nothing at all) to whatever charity they wished. I was not keeping track and did not care about any arbitrary fund raising goals set by an external agency.

It turned out that we did raise quite a bit of money one year, because a unit member passed away and that passing impacted the unit. People gave that year because they had a human and tangible connection to the cause.

it seemed to be trouble free couple of years…
I hope you are being sarcastic.

I have a big problem with asking our people to essentially buy leave. Especially leave that has a well defined criteria for use.

I hope to god the unit chief or RSM equivalent advised against this.
Alright, we need a name and rank of this CO. Let's put them in stocks and throw bricks of Monopoly money at their head.

That, or a Nuclear Wedgie for punishment. Whose with me!?

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