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Douglas Todd - The most diverse military regiment in Canada is in Vancouver

Pet is ~1.5hr to Ottawa and 15-30min to Pembroke (and for those with really low expectations you can drunk stumble into town and back)
Dundurn is ~45min to Saskatoon

Heck Wainwright to Edmonton can be done inside an hour (if you’re young and not so concerned with the speed limit)
Or if you’re a young Pte/Cpl with lower standards (but not Petawawa town low) you can make Vermillion and cruise rodeo chicks inside 30min.

So not the armpits of nowhere.

Shilo is 45 min to Brandon…
Which is kind of like driving 45min to get to the town of Petawawa.
I always found weekends at JD’s in Wainwrong entertaining…😜