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Format of Memos


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Never had to write one in my career so far...

And I lost my notes on the writing memo lecture.

Help me out. :D
I could not find any specific examples of a memo lecture.

But I will include some site‘s that I have found.
I hope it unclogs you‘re memory.



Search this site indepthly for examples:

Um. I‘m talking about military memos.

Thanks anyways.
Your company clerk should be able to help you. I find each unit likes to do things their own way. I think there is aan official way to do it, but it seems to apply to NDHQ only.
Can anyone post a fake memo on here. That way we will all have one to relate to. It would be helpfull. I would but have not had to do one in many years so I would not want to guess.
Off the top of my head:


File Number (from unit OR or last 3 of Svc No and (Pers))



SUBJECT (all caps, underlined)

Refs: A. .....
B. ......

1. Body of text ......

2. Body of text ......

3. Body of text ......

M.Y. Name
Rank (abbreviated)
Position (abbreviated)
Telephone local

Enclosures: # (if needed)


a. If you are unsure of the overall impression of the memo, ask your unit clerk to read it over, checking for format and the way the content is presented.

b. Only use official abbreviations, if you are not absolutely sure it is correct, write it out in full.

c. Writing in the third person, though often seen, is not required. Writing in the first person is acceptable.

d. Include copies of the reference documents if there is any chance the recipient may not have copies already.

For the last word...



(p 4-3-2 for sample memorandum)
ask for it at your orderly room
There‘s a website here that gives a basic outline, I‘ve used it to jog my memory when I have nothing else to use.

http://www.regions.cadets.forces.gc.ca/pac/rcis/MilWriting/Memos.htm .

But really, it doesn‘t go into any detail so I would only use it to jog your memory on the extreme basics.
Found a better one:


Hope you have high-speed - 5M+ for some files!
Originally posted by Michael OLeary:
[qb] Off the top of my head:


File Number (from unit OR or last 3 of Svc No and (Pers))
Forgive my brain fart, but can anyone explain in greater detail the file number? Never could quite figure it out.
I think a file number would indicate that the memo is pertaining to something that is already occuring, hence it has a file.

So it would depend on what your memo is about.

That‘s speculation however, but I vaguely remember on the last memo I submitted I asked if it needed a file number they said "no" because it was a memo unrelated to anything else already underway.
Ahhhh... which explains why I‘ve never been questioned about my lack of a file number...
That‘s just speculation on my part though, there must be a clerk on the site who can clarify that.
I work in an orderly room (though i am not a clerk) and the file number part is a kinda code (not sure that is the best word to describe it), that identifies who wrote the memo (or at least their posisition). Also higher level memo have a distibution list. When I go back to work Monday I will pull an example off the DIN and copy it here.
File numbers on memos indicate what they pertain to....

They are usually indicate a common theme among the messages/Memos.

5500 is the file number for exercises
5500-1 Patricia Ram
5500-2 Patricia Raider

Units usually hold a master binder/list of all file numbers and their corresponding meanings.
But for most Memos especially member specific ones the file number is 1000-1 or Pers (last three..IE: Pers 872
I've included three examples of memo formats.   First two are the basic generic memos with the second one being an example.   The third is a more in-depth memo that includes where to put annexes, enclosures and distribution lists.

Keep in mind I'm not an admin god and there may be small minor mistakes, if you notice one let me know so I can fix it.