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FREE Model Airplane collection WWII-Present


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Free Model Airplane collection, WWII-Present, military and civilian aircraft, expertly assembled and ready for display.  Display cases come free too, pick up only in Kingston, Ontario.
WOW these are just beautiful.

They should be in some sort of public setting, perhaps in Trenton, They could be used to tell so many stories.  I am very fond of the amphibians and noticed many examples from the Catalina and Albatross to the Beaver on floats etc. I am not sure the collection should be broken up, it has so much potential as a basis for telling the stories of the different planes, like how the P38 Ligntening could originally loose exceed Mach 1 in a dive and loose control and it's tail.

I look at the models and the stories just keep coming in my mind
I don't know why you wish to get rid of this fantastic collection, ABN RFN, but have you considered contacting the RCAF museum in Trenton? I think they would love such an addition to their collection.

In my (albeit limited) experience, when a complete collection of models, like this one, is given to the military, two things happen:

First, the collection is usually given the name of the collector/maker who made the donation, so the person's name goes on being recognized (for instance, the Gilmour collection at the museum of  HMCS DONNACONA); and,

Second, an estimate of the collection value is made and a tax credit for donation to the crown can be issued if liked.
I definitely agree with you that the collection should not be broken enough and a logical destination for it would be the RCAF museum in Trenton, just a hop, skip and jump from Kingston.  The RCAF museum may have qualms about accepting some of the non RCAF flown models but they could be used to show comparative models the RCAF did fly eg the CF100 versus the Scorpion, two aircraft designed for the same environment and very similar in design.

Just think of the many hours you could spend in just learning of the roles the aircraft played.
Somebody put a lot of care and love into this collection and this should be remembered and appreciated
If they don't want them, the aviation museum in Ottawa would probably jump at the chance.