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Funny stories from camp


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post your funny/stupid stories from camp here.I've never been(hopefully this summer). when i ask the Seniors in my corps the universal ansewer is : camp is the land of stupidity.
lets see..i did range cadre at ipperwash one summer...there was one cadet who jammed their foam earplug so far into their ear, it had to be medically removed. Then hteres always one youngster who turns left instead of right when the command for march past on grad day comes...lol
Some dude decided to see what would happen if he put A535 on his private parts.

I had never heard that much screaming in my life.
We use to carry hard sleepers in there bunks to Dieppe parade square its kinda funny watching them wake up and explain to Military Police why they are sleeping in there bunks on a Parade square lol.

Go down to Polson park and cut hippies hair always a good hoot lol .

going to the Funnie Fox Go Cart Track when its rainin and closed and paying the owner to let us drive all day... wrecked alot of go carts that day lol . :yellow:

Ron Huntingford 1975 to 1980