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Great Names in the Royal Canadian Armour Corps

George Wallace said:
Just noticed this one.  Chuck Hills is/was now a Capt wearing the LdSH (RC) capbadge again, and has a Strat lic plate on the front of his truck.  I ran into him in Ottawa and he was doing the CIMIC thing a couple of years ago.

You should have been going faster... :-*  :)

AFAIK he is in Pet doing the Class B thing at Bde.
Whatever happened to Wally Stacey? last I heard he was in Gagetown...
Yep, Wally's here.  I see him every once in a while.  I know he "works" at JCATS....... ;)
Seems lately there are one or two names being passed around ......... Some old photos are turning up in some of the strangest places, by persons who weren't know to have taken photos.......  Gremlins.
And being turned up by people who weren't even born when they were taken!
Bud Tower's last posting was Gagetown, Range Control. He passed away in January, 1994. This is his son, Stewart. Nice to see the comments about him. Thanks.